Game Connect Asia Pacific Aims To ‘Inspire’

Game Connect Asia Pacific Aims To ‘Inspire’

How do you inspire? Well this year’s Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) intends to inspire the Australian games industry by collecting a host of influential speakers, and gathering them in same place to deliver the kind of conversation that will help everyone involved push forward. This year GCAP has upped the ante in an attempt to “accelerate the incredible growth we’re seeing in local development,” says Antony Reed, CEO of the Game Developers’ Association of Australia.

GCAP is an event designed to help those in the local industry come together, discuss challenges, share solutions and network. Last year it played host to some brilliant discussions, and this year it intends to ‘inspire’.

According to Reed it’s all about pushing things to a new plateau.

“The last two GCAP events were built around conversations that were happening in the local industry, specifically the current state of the Australian development landscape and its position in the global marketplace,” said Reed. “This year we’ve upped the ante quite a bit…

“In GCAP 2012 there is a heavy focus on best practices in design and production. The traditional hour-long lecture format has largely been replaced with intensive master classes hosted by exceptionally experienced game developers from within Australia and around the world.”

The speakers for GCAP have not been announced yet, but if previous years are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed. Design masterclasses, technical lectures and in-depth dissection of technologies such as Unity and UDK will be on the agenda, in addition to discussions of the free-to-play space.

You’ll be able to find more info on the official GCAP website . Info for 2012’s event will go live on September 12. GCAP will be held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre from Monday, October 22 until Tuesday, October 23.

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