Game Site Countdown Backfires Over "Legal Rights Issue"

Game site countdowns are annoying as hell. So perhaps it's karma that one planned for Fuse, the latest game from Insomniac and EA, has backfired, with a "last-minute legal rights issue" preventing it from actually ticking over to a new trailer.

Instead, there's apology. You can read a full statement from Insomniac boss Ted Price on the game's website.

Hey Everyone [Fuse, via VG247]


    Plunkett, you do realise journalism isn't just about saying 'Today I saw a bird fly over', it's about finding out what sort of bird was flying over, why it flew over etc.
    To just sit there and say 'last-minute legal rights issue' is ridiculous, you need to investigate, contact insomniac, contact their PR etc. and talk to these people. You skimmed an article from another website and posted up a limited response.
    Please show some integrity, I've never been a Plunkett hater but I'm sick of this from you article after article.

      You realise that you're just screaming into an empty room don't you?

      If it wasn't for him, would you know anything about this at all?

      Then he's doing his job, and you're a whiny jerk.

        If it wasn't for VG247, would he know anything about this at all?

        Then he's only just barely doing his job, and you're a whiny jerk.

          I agree with DeeDee and Dave, Luke seems to approach his job like anyone posting a forum post, slap a picture and a very small blurb and that's it. But frankly i've seen more effort and researched posts on forums than what Luke dished out on this site. It must be VERY easy to get a job for this site, or whoever hired him is not ensuring Luke is meeting his KPI's in his role. If i were you Luke, i'd be worried about my job security mate.

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