Gamevil Unsheathes Cartoon Wars: Blade

Where does a warrior go when the Cartoon Wars end? He grabs his sword and sails across the sea to find new stick figures to kill in Cartoon Wars: Blade.

Available today on iTunes, Blade is another side story in Blue GNC's epic sketchy war franchise. While Cartoon Wars 1 & 2 were defence games, the latest instalment is an action game in the vein of Cartoon Wars: Gunner. The player maneuvers the stick figure hero about the field, unleashing sharp-edged justice against waves of heavily-armed foes. Earn money to upgrade weapons, purchase stat-boosting helmets (I am gunning for the bunny hat), and repeat until you find something better to do, which isn't as easy as it might sound.

Gamevil made a lovely video explaining how the game works, and you can certainly waste six minutes watching that instead of heading directly to the App Store and spending $.99 if you so desire.

Cartoon Wars: Blade [iTunes]


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