Gangnam Style Infiltrates Skyrim. Make. It. Stop.

Are you sick of Gangnam style yet? You probably should be! How about Gangnam style in Skyrim? Is that interesting enough to pass muster. I say yes. Just.

The animations are actually amazing! It looks sort of amazing. Despite the fact I'm way too old for this craze, and I have no real understanding of why it became popular in the first place, I can't help but appreciate this!

I promise you this is the first and last time I will post about this infernal song.


    I didn't get Gangnam style at first either, but the more I hear it, the catchier it gets. I agree the animations in this are pretty decent (good ending for those who are sick of the song). Not quite as good as the Deadpool version, but the best video game adaption yet.

    You can't deny it's a great song. Personally, I think this is one of the better videos.

      Yes, I can deny that it's a great song. IMO, anything classified as "modern" is crap, think 1D and Dubstep. This fits nicely into that category.

    Yes... The best way to combat an annoying meme is to give it even more exposure.

      Sometimes it is. If people see it everywhere, and on everything then they will get sick of it faster than if you occasionally see it. It's like eating a food you love. Eat it too often and you'll soon tire of it.

      Hey it worked for arrow to the knee jokes.

    I still haven't seen or heard the full song before. I grew up with enough novelty songs to know to avoid them now. No new radio stations, don't watch videoclip shows and i definately don't go to clubs. Change the channel if you hear it's about to come on. I only found out what it was called the other day. 14 year old brother says to me, you have to listen to this song. I laughed and say what the? Kung Fu Gangbang Style?? I'll be right thanks buddy.

      You seem to be very open-minded.

      Dude, you're missing out on life!

        Haha. I know it's sounds a bit closed off. Everyone is different of course but I don't listen to much new music anyway unless it's on Triple J.

        As someone who is alive I can confirm life is very over-rated.

    Gangnam style is the best song to be released in the last 10 years

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