GaymerCon Fully Funded For 2013 Meeting

GaymerCon, an effort to convene the "first gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBT culture", drew backing and support from the likes of Xbox Live, Penny Arcade, and even the Sniper from Team Fortress 2. It beat its funding target by a mile after its Kickstarter closed on Friday.

Organisers set $US25,000 as a goal; they brought in $US91,389, guaranteeing that the Con will be held on August 3-4, 2013, in San Francisco. The group is now in the process of selecting a venue and hotel(s), and will open up badges for sale again sometime down the line. They'll need to think up some panel ideas too. But it's on, for sure.


    Is there really a LGBT subculture in gaming though? Interestingly, a lot of new games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, X-Com and Persona 4 are starting to have gay characters, and a lot of them are really good, but I always thought gaming was pretty neutral when it came to sexuality, in terms of genre of gameplay and such. Only a few of my friends are openly gay, but they play pretty much the same games as me.

      I don't believe this is about LBGT games but LBGT culture that play video games.

      This is going to be in America anyways so doesn't concern us that much anyways.

        Although now I think about it, I guess visual novels like X-Change and stuff count.

      As a gay gamer, it would be great to be with other gamers who don't exclaim "you faggot!" when you kill them, or say "that's so gay!" when referring to something that pisses them off.

      And don't you remember the screaming and kicking involved when people found gay characters in DA2? Not everyone is as accepting as you are.

    I'm pretty sure there is. There are several gaming websites with a slant that way.

    Sub culture? Did I miss something?

    I've written on the gayming culture in the past. There is definately a market there and definately a culture. A bunch of LGBTIQ people in Sydney have been meeting over Facebook and organising video game meet ups under the group name, Sydney Gaymers.

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