Get In The Heads Of Far Cry 3's Most Deluded Characters

Vaas and Buck are two of the most savage, brutal characters you'll meet in Far Cry 3. They're prone to stabbing, and setting tigers to feast on your limbs.

But here's the thing about being this particular brand of crazy: it's usually followed by a heavy dose of delusion. Case in point: "We're not the savages. We are the shepherds." Ooookay my friend. A little too many drugs there. Cause you know I'm going to shoot you a lot — probably, hopefully to death — on November 29th, when the game comes out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


    Thats the FIRST Farcry 3 trailer thats actually got me interested in the game. Now they got rid of the WUBWUB from the trailer? It's hooked its teeth into me... Im up for it :D

      You obviously haven't seen many of the trailers then

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Why can't we all just be friends?

            I'm sorry, I've had a terrible day...

            I was drunk...

            I was high...

            I was exposed to One Direction music...

            Seriously two of those are true.

            It's been a horrible day and I heard one direction music. lol.

            Sorry for the F bomb. :(

              So glad you werent exposed to One Direction music that would have been terrible!

      Game looks stupendous. I agree with you. This trailer has me hook line and sinker!

    I assume most trailers are from the PC version of the game. That way you can Max it all out and have it look all spectacular and stuff. The graphics look good (i'm not sure about great - that tiger was pretty cool) but all the trailers make it look like a console game.
    I can live with it looking console but i dont want it to play like a console. Consoles have a tendency to make FPS a bit empty and quicktimey.

    Just finished Far Cry 2 last night in anticipation for this, cannot wait.

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