Get Your Kicks—the Ones Your Player Wears In NBA 2K13

NBA 2K has a great track record of indulging its players' shoe fetishes, but according to IGN, it's going even further in NBA 2K13.

NBA 2K13 will add deeper customisation options for your created player's footwear, but the big new feature is its integration with the NikeID website. This means not only can you share your creations with other users of that site, you can even order them if you want to cosplay your My Player.

Last year the game added the means to swap colours and adjust some details on current NikeID shoes, but not custom-build their own wholesale. There's no mention of what a custom pair of NBA-quality shoes will run, but my guess is it's not cheap. Still, what better way to memorialize your virtual run to a hall-of-fame career.

NBA 2K13 Has Everything and the Kitchen Sink [IGN]


    In-game advertising. Remeber when everyone said they hated that idea?

      It's fine for sports games IMO, where it is all about achieving realism. You need the adboards, sponsors, clothing, etc. for an immersive experience.

      Other types of games... I can understand the backlash. I am sure that refers to more to blatant advertising though. For example a "better on Alienware/Nvidia/ATI" splash screen on a game.

        I agree. Nothing wrong with realism.

        So a portion of the game which focuses solely on the shoes players wears, the ability to customize them and linking it with the NikeID website so you can buy them in real life isn't overboard? Gimme a break. Blatant advertisement, not simply intergrating brands into the game to achieve realism.

        I think it is a clever, if transparent, marketing and advertising mechanism. I just hate when people complain about developers and publishers injecting advertising into games but then completely ignore it when devs and pubs get even the tinest bit clever about doing it.

        Oh, but hey, I'm sure I'm just being cynical. I'm sure this is just added to make the game a little more fun, not to exploit gamers into buying shoes.

          It doesn't make the game suffer in any way by having it, which is why it's fine.

    In any other kind of game, yeah it would be. The importance of sneakers in an NBA game is a whole other thing.

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