Glenn Beck Vs One Of The World’s Most Famous Game Creators

Glenn Beck Vs One Of The World’s Most Famous Game Creators

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck has his fans, but famed video game developer Warren Spector reportedly isn’t one of them.

Talking on his radio show earlier this week, Beck recounts the tale of when one of his staffers ran into the Deus Ex and System Shock legend at the recent GameStop Manager’s Conference (the employee also works for the retail chain).

While things got off on the right foot, with the staffer “Brad” managing to get hold of a pair of mouse ears as swag when he said his boss was a big Disney fan (Spector is currently heading up development on Epic Mickey 2), the mood soured when Spector found out just who Brad’s boss was.

Saying “Anybody who associates with Glenn Beck doesn’t get these”, Spector reportedly reached over and snatched the ears back off the man, before security approached the pair and asked Brad to leave.

Call it petty, call it sticking to his politics, Spector’s actions ended up all for naught, as Beck got hold of a pair of the fake ears anyway.

And before you go thinking the conservative commentator has the high ground here, towards the end of the segment he jokes about fearing about violent retribution from the developer, all because he shares the surname of a guy who’s now in prison for murder.

You can listen to the segment in full at the link below.



  • If this did actually happen the way it was described above, it probably would have been less douchey to have just said “You can keep the ears if you promise me that your dickhole boss never gets to wear them.”. But it’s Warren Spector’s perogative man. This event didn’t magically make Glenn Beck a better human being- that’s the most significant conclusion that we can draw from all of this.

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