Good Morning, Samus

The internet is drowning in Samus fan art, but this beautiful image, complete with subtle redesign, might just be my new favourite. It's like a cross between a Nintendo game, a rock poster and early 80s anime. In other words, the perfect picture.

Samus [Muju @ DeviantArt, via Copiously Geeky]


    That's really cool. I love it.

    Does moderating my posts mean you are ok with Luke being terrible at his job?

      Just because his job is something different to what you think it is doesn't mean he's terrible at his job

        I think people have An issue with his twitter posts on a site that would benefit from some actual journalism . There's gotta be thousands of people that write and post game related insight FOR FREE that are a millions of times more enjoyable to read

      Agree, Luke's a fu!king hack but if you say anything, kotaku 'moderates' the post - that makes it all better then!

        How clever that Kotaku watches *every single comment* and in a split second recognises when it says something against Luke.

        Nice tinfoil hat there.

          Exaggerate someone's statement to make yourself sound smarter and your words more valid.

          Good post there.

          Actually I have had many comments pointing out the inaccuracies and downright BS Plunkett has typed. SOME of these posts were devoid of both insults and bad words. They were still taken down. I find the deletion of these VALID posts more offensive than what Plunkett actually writes.

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