Google Has Been Watching What You Search For, Gamers

Google has published a report detailing everything it's learned about gamers and their online search habits. As you'd expect; the company thrives off its advertising, so understanding how searches can be tied to ads is important for business!

The results have been published in a paper called "Understanding the Modern Gamer", which reveals things like how often you're searching, when you're searching, and what exactly it is you're doing the searching on.

Most interesting, to me at least, is the breakdown in how gamer's search patterns change according to the status of an upcoming game, showing the transition as people move from typing in "review" and "DLC" to "buy" through to "tips".

Other nuggets of note? One in five tips searches are now being done on mobile devices, presumably your phone or tablet while you're sitting on the couch, and below you'll see a graph charting gamer's interest — as gauged by Google searches — in a title over its lifespan.

You can read the report in full below.

Understanding the Modern Gamer [Google]


    Ok. But maybe they should have started their paper by stating their definition of "Gamer".
    (Becase gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer)

    use it uses the google engine but keeps your details anonymous

    22% search time: Gaming
    76% search time: Porno
    2% search time: MLP fanfic

    oh realy? "innocence of muslims 2" thheheheeee

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