Grand Theft Auto's Greatest Danger Is A Giraffe Driving A Sports Car

You'd think I would be sick of all these weird GTAIV mod videos, but nope. Not when they've got giraffes in them.

Where the rest of the internet is fascinated by either tits or cats, it's the noble giraffe that's closest to our hearts. So videos of giraffes tearing up Liberty City in stolen cars? They are things of wonder.

It's a long video, but stick with it. It gets more wonderful the longer it goes on.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Giraffe (MOD) HD [YouTube, via TDW]


    I love stupid mod videos. I could watch them all day. The horse driving the car caused me to urinate in my trousers slightly.

    So when he goes to pick up a prostitute for a bj...we get the resident evil 6 symbol?
    : D

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