'Grifball' Is Officially Added To Halo 4's Multiplayer

"Grifball", the insane, deadly multiplayer sport Rooster Teeth created for Halo, will be featured as one of the main multiplayer modes in Halo 4, 343 Industries said yesterday at PAX 2012. GrifballHub.com supplies that video of its PAX demo.

In the mod, opposing teams hustle a "grifball" back and forth on the map attempting to stuff it in the opposing side's goal. Grifball features two weapons, an instant-kill hammer and a sword. The hammer sends the grifball flying, the sword is less effective, but killing a ballcarrier with it transfers possession of the grifball. The game is basically best-of-nine in scoring goals, but scoring a goal detonates the grifball and blows up the ballcarrier.

The mod grew out of a throwaway line from a Red vs Blue episode. Later, Burnie Burns revisited the idea, developing the playlist above.

Halo 4 will release on November 6.


    I think adding all that extra stuff takes away from the charm

      ...that's exactly the same as Grifball has been for years. What's been added?

        Plenty. You've got sword kills giving you the ball outright, the ability to throw properly, tactics using the hammer to propel the ball, etc. I disagree that adding the extra stuff takes away from the charm, but there's quite a bit of new stuff here.

    What's amazing about Grifball is not only that it was a joke comment that became a custom gametype that Bungie wholeheartedly supported, but that it also became so competitive that while most people treat it as a way to rack up massive multikills for giggles, there's actually people who have developed some frankly crazy tactics and treat it like a real sport game.

    Reminds me of deathrow. Oh god will some one please give us a deathrow 2!

      +1000000 to this, i still play deathrow every few months with my mates. Awesome game.

    Reminds me of quite a few lunchtimes at one place I worked, where we'd go humans vs. bots in UT2k4 Bombing Run.


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