Guild Wars 2 Developers Want Their "Endgame" To Be Part Of The Whole Game

Massively multiplayer online games have this way of becoming a rush to the top. If a game has 50 levels, 49 of them will end up being considered inconsequential as players float up to the level cap and then stay there. As more and more players reach the limit, more and more of the game ends up focusing around them. Even a game like Diablo III, technically not an MMORPG at all, ends up with endgame woes.

Guild Wars 2 has been out for less than three weeks, but already power-minded players are driving their characters to level 80 in droves. And yet, ArenaNet representatives say on their blog, that's not really where all of the "good" content is, and players may as well slow down and enjoy the process.

"We didn't want the endgame to be something you could only experience after a hundred hours of gameplay or after you reached some arbitrary number," ArenaNet's Mike Zadorojny wrote, "so we've introduced game elements that you'd normally associate with "endgame" at every level and every possible opportunity." The hope is that players will find value in more activities than the traditional top-level gear hunt and raid circuit. Dedication to crafting and exploring each have their own extrinsic rewards, as well as dedication to the fine art of going places and killing stuff.

But will the focus on spreading boss monsters, drama, dungeons, and explorable locations across the entire 1-80 game actually placate players who sped to the top? Sure, "the dynamic events become larger, the battles more spectacular, the circumstances more dire" as players level, but they still remain the same sort of content that players have been poking their noses into from their first tutorial boss.

Eventually, there comes a time where players have simply exhausted their options, and going back to explore low-level content missed along the way up loses its allure. There are promises of "new types of events, new dungeons, new bosses, new rewards, and new places for players to explore" in the works, and based on the first Guild Wars ArenaNet will no doubt deliver regular content additions. Hopefully, players will learn to enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

The Endgame Reimagined [Official Blog]


    Still not level 80 (lvl 52), doing world completion (54%, woo!) and loving the game. All of my friends who raced to level 80 have stopped playing :p

      Yeah I'm the same, world completion is more what im trying to aim for, since by the end i'll be at 80 anyway.

      Yeah hit 80 last night with 70% world completion yet to step in a zone above level 60 though.

      Bunch of my levels came from maxing cooking and most of tailoring(need to get silk scraps which are 60+ salvage I believe

    I'd love to slow down and enjoy the moment.. But borderlands 2 next week is gonna get in the way of that...

    Hopefully it'll weed out (unlikely though) that MMO power-levelling mentality. I hate to see even in GW2 squabbling in chat about how someone pulled a troll out of their AOE or they weren't healing "correctly" when it couldn't be less important in the game. That kind of hardcore, super-rude and hyper-critical player has put me off MMOs for the longest time.

    Power leveling is the premature ejaculation of the the MMO world. Enjoy the act. The end is always there.

    That's why any good soul entrapping MMO needs to have content for high level players. That they can't just obliterate with their OP skills and setup.

    The problem with having no endgame focus for me is that it feels like there's no goal in the game that i'm working towards, which is most of the reason that i've stopped playing. The levelling, exploring, and events are all good, but without a reason to be doing them it feels like i'm wasting my time. In other MMOs you know that you'll be rewarded for all of the work with something new eventually. As a person who's levelled 5 characters to 85 in WoW, GW's model feels... empty.

      But isn't the act of playing enjoyable enough on its own? Isn't that the whole reason we play a video/computer game? because of the joy we receive from the gameplay itself? You don't play Halo or COD because of the 'masterful' story, you play because the gameplay itself is a reward in itself.

      MMO's really shouldn't be any different. Me and my guild are averaging around the 55ish mark with the spread between 36-80. We've all been slowly enjoying the areas, playing together in a dungeon once a week and just enjoying eploring the world, leveling our characters etc. Endgame is what happens at the end of your journey when the story changes to something a bit more abstract and repetitive i.e. dungeon farming or WvWvW. The journey to the end is the interesting bit.

      The LOTR books were captivating because of the journey to the volcano, not because of what ended up happening there ;)

      I don't get it... in WoW, once you reach endgame, doesn't it just become and endless gear-grind?

        This is what annoys me and drives me insane: they bemoan about the lack of endgame "content", but all theyre talking about is grinding for slightly better gear, which they use for what? To grind for even slightly better gear?? Where is the fun in that!? D: And they race to max level for this??

    I'm thoroughly enjoying Guild Wars 2! Only level 28, and there's still so much to experience! So much to see! The world is absolutely stunning even at the low res I play at, and I look forward to experimenting with all professions & trades. :)

    Yeah I don't see the point in racing to level 80 anymore in these games. I suppose the good thing with GW2 is there is not a monthly fee so you don't have to feel ripped off as a gamer. $60 for the first 80 levels which takes a good 100+ hrs of game play is worth the money if you look at the cost of any single player game out their.

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