Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Is Online, Grouping Still Troubled

Although Guild Wars 2 has mostly avoided catastrophic launch problems, the online game has been plagued by a number of small nuisances. Among them, that the "Trading Post", which is ArenaNet's term for its auction house, hasn't been available, and perhaps more problematically, that it's been difficult to keep a group of players together.

The first issue's now been addressed — the trading post is online. I haven't used it yet, but in an update from ArenaNet, they report that after resolving issues during a test, the trading post is now up and running. Guess it's time to finally get crafting.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of problems when playing in a group, mainly in that it's difficult to keep a group as it moves around the world and are placed in "overflow" areas. From ArenaNet:

"We've made progress but still have capacity constraints causing issues with party and guild functionality, including symptoms such as party members not appearing on the map, parties not staying together as they travel between maps or into dungeons, and guild manipulation not working. We're working on a fix and will provide a further update tomorrow."

We'll keep an eye out for that update.

Game Status Updates [Guild Wars 2 Wiki]


    getting worn out playing this already its such a grind not really a evolution of the mmo just shakes things up a bit

      Your doing it wrong. I've ended up hating every MMO i've played before this due to the grind, havent had that feeling a single time yet.

        hit lvl 40 in one week not doing it wrong i just dont live on pvp

          im 47, havent played much pvp at all,

            If you hit that far in a week, yeah, you are doing it wrong by playing too much

          World vs World gives decent xp, but so does crafting, exploring, events, and personal story. All are fun. Even gathering gives more than kills. If you're grinding, you're doing it wrong.

            im not grinding the game just feels like a grind im doing all that just feels like im going through the motions

              well that's more an issue with you not liking MMOs instead of you not liking GW2.

              I've been exploring like mad and finding new nooks and crannies everyday. Some on maps that I thought I had previously scoured to death

                yeah never been the mmo type not into games that require months i got nothing else to play atm :(

            I'm loving the crafting! It's fun finding recipes. With the trading post up, it'll be a lot easier too. Still, there's a certain joy in exploring the world, finding new resource nodes, fighting new enemies, getting a reward for helping out people simply by doing what you were doing anyway, and occasionally a big random boss will turn up and you help out a dozen people kill it! It ticks all the things I need in an MMO right now, which is... stuff different to SWTOR. I'm not sure how endgame will go, but I love it right now, and no sub means no pressure.

    Thank goodness for the trading post. Makes crafting so much easier to level. Spent about 3 silver on bits and bobs, went from level 24 to 49 in the Huntsman class.

    I can't receive mail from other players. I've sent a ticket but a week later, no response from customer service. I've been an Anet fan since day 1 of prophecies so I'm not about to rage quit but ffs this is getting aggravating as hell. My guildies sent me 200+ bolts of jute before we found out the mailbox bugged.

    @Jake - I think he meant Huntsman profession. It's a crafting field.

      Shoitaan, I had the same problem, turns out it was because my inbox is full. delete everything in your inbox, and that may be your solution.

      there is a 10 mail limit for mail from other players. It even says so on the mail interface. What is bugged,seems to be the hint that should pop-up when you have 10 mail that tells you "yo, go delete your old mails"

    Wasn't going to get this game but had a couple of days off work so took a punt and downloaded it. Now the only other MMO I have played is Warcraft. I really like where Arenanet has taken the genre. Questing is much more fluid, even reading the quest dialogue is quick and easy, you start ticking things off the quest shopping list as soon as you're in the appropriate area. Most quests are mixture or kill and gather but theyre combined.
    The combat is also more fluid than WOW. Just being able to move and fire off spells at the same time makes the combat interesting.
    At the moment I'm hooked. Would love to see Blizzard do something more radical with Warcraft. I also love the fact that where ever I go there are lots of other players. Something I rarely saw on wow as was always ten levels behind the cap. Groupin together on the fly is awesome. Maybe longevity will be downside the Guild Wars 2 model? I'm just loving the journey right now

    the trading post is not Anet's term for Auction House. There are no auctions going on and you can put in buy orders instead of just sell orders. It is functionally speaking a Trading Post

      ^Beat me to it.

      The only issue that has affected me has been the trading post. Overflow is usually only happening in the starter zones, or during US peak when most of us are at work (or school/whatever).

      One of the biggest complaints i have seen is that the combat is over simplified, which I initially thought as well until i discovered just how much more effort it takes to actually do well with positional play/multi-role abilities/active talents/combo fields/etc, as opposed to playing keyboard piano with 6-10 primary abilities and a dozen conditional/cooldown type ones.

      I mean, another ranger was convinced last night that there was nothing to do but spam main attack and it was the best(in map chat), then asked me about 2 minutes later how I kept getting fire shields up around me every few seconds. /facepalm.

    Part of me wonders if the trading post didnt go up for a while on purpose.

    As part of their economy they would want to make sure that it wasnt flooded with expenseive low level stuff.
    I wonder if they purposly waited until there was a large range of players before flicking the switch.

    Of course this is also unlikely, becasue ArenaNet would have said so right away.
    I have found them as a company to be really upfront and honest with their consumers! (which I love)

    Overflow has never been an issue for me. It happens, but the alternative is what happens on other games. Where you are stuck on the login screen with "You are in queue to enter the game, wait time: 20 minutes"

    With their system you are in the game right away!

      This is amazing. This is the first online-only game since TF2 that I feel I can actually log into and play for even just a five minute window and have fun. I am blown away by how quickly I can get from double clicking on the launch icon to checking my trading post sales.

      Well done!

      Of course, having experienced the overflow grouping issue first hand, there is still room for improvement :)

      Delaying the official forums on purpose make sense, buy using the Trading Post was one of the most fun parts of the beta for me. It would have been advantageous to have it working from the beginning, especially given the early demand for crafting materials.

    The game is epic on so many different levels. If you're a fan of MMO you'll most likely be a fan of GW2!

    I'm completely hooked.

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