Guns Made From Bones (Yes, BONES)

The materials artist Bruce Mahalski uses are hardly typical — neither is what he creates with them. He works with bones to produce, among other things, replica pistols and assault rifles. The result is beautiful, yet unsettling, and provides a stark reminder of the power that these weapons have.

Yet, the artist doesn't necessarily see it that way. According to Mahalski, "Some people might consider it ghoulish to collect bits of dead animals but to me it isn't about death — it's about life."

His work reminds me of something something out of David Cronenberg's eXistenZ.

Above is a collection of his work, including two bone dueling pistols. There's more on his site, which is linked below.

Fine Art of Bruce Mahalski [Official Site via Obvious Winner]


    Do they shoot...?

      Can a replica gun cobbled together out of bits of dead animal in the shape of a gun fire?
      Lets think about that..............

    The bone gun scene was the best part of Existenz. Cool film. Cool sculptures.

    Ok, so there was the Boner and the Teether...

    as I child I used to use sheep jawbones as play pistols. This just looks like the grown up version to me.

    eXistenZ is one of the best movies ever.

    But this reminds me more of Giger

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