Halo 4's Ten-Minute "Documentary" Is Also One Giant Game Trailer

Well, here's a pleasant surprise. This is a "documentary" on the making of Halo 4 that runs for over 10 minutes. You'd think such a clip would be full of agonising monologues by developers, and it is, but instead of just focusing on talking heads you're also seeing a ton of of in-game and cinematic footage.

And when you're not? There's genuinely interesting sequences of stuff like the art and motion-capture teams at work. So this is well worth a watch!


    Xbox live is down!!!! grr!!!

    They talk as though they were the ones that developed Halo 1-3.

      Most of them are, many bungie employees stayed on with 343industries.

        "Most of them are..."

        Er...no. There are a total of 5 ex-Bungie employees at 343i.

    There wasn't that much ingame footage.

    why is kotaku so slow?

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