'He Threatens To Stab Me If I Don't Give Him A Copy Of This New JRPG'

Website CollegeHumor has a section called Works Sucks. It's a place where the downtrodden and downbeat can swap stories, comparing how awful their jobs are and hopefully finding solace in the fact their shitty job isn't as shitty as someone else's.

Amidst all the complaints from factory workers and IT victims, this one popped up on Friday. And it is wonderful.

I worked at a gaming store a few years ago. One day I'm standing behind the counter, when this one really nerdy kid walks in (He looks to be 15-16.). Hes wearing a jacket, it was odd because it was hot outside. All of the sudden he runs up to the counter, and takes out a medium sized kitchen knife. He threatens to stab me if I don't give him a copy of this new JRPG, and all the free 30 days of WoW cards that the store has. As I act like I'm reaching under the counter, I take out a handful of game cases and start to throw them at him. I eventually knock the knife out of his hand with a well thrown case. And he runs out of the store. I call the police and give them a description of him thereafter. Police find him 15 minutes later, riding his bike home. He tried to rob the store because his Parents wouldn't pay for his WOW subscription.

Could be hilariously real. Could be complete bullshit. That's the internet and personal stories for you. I'm not 100 per cent sold either way on its legitimacy, because as silly as it sounds the real world has a way of coming up with stuff so good it can't have been written, but either way, it's a great story.



    Blah blah blah Luke Pluckett, rant rant rant journalism. Yada Yada Yada article, something something something shit.

    Did I do it right?

      What's a Pluckett?

      You spelt "Plunkett" wrong... not bad otherwise.

      This one is actually alright. It has a bit of original write up, I don't have to click the link to get the story.

      I enjoyed this article. It's a video game news site, sure. How much news in a day do you think happens?
      Articles like this lighten things up. Good work guys

    That's not really hilarious... it's a pathetic and depressing account of some kid's messed up priorities that no doubt screwed up his life all the more.

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