Hearthfire, Skyrim’s New DLC, Is Now Available On Xbox Live

Hearthfire, Skyrim’s New DLC, Is Now Available On Xbox Live

Skyrim: The Sims is now available on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points, according to a press blast sent out by Bethesda this morning.

“Hearthfire allows you to purchase land and build your own home from the ground up — from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with armoury, alchemy laboratory and more,” the press release reads. “Choose your land, customise your house, guard it from unwanted visitors, and turn your house into a home by adopting children.”

Here are some new pictures from Skyrim‘s new adoption simulator:






  • If you have a PC & Steam? Then yes. Unless you’re an achievement whore, I wouldn’t by this DLC. I won’t be paying for it when it hits the pc, considering I can do this and more with said kit…Bethesda are taking the piss with this DLC

  • I, for one am happy that Beths is providing the usual pc mods as DLC. At least I am not missing out as much and 400 points is pretty reasonable. It would be nice if they included a few other amendments as well though.

  • I still haven’t gotten around to playing Dawnguard so I might as well download this and build my house while I’m busy being a vampire lord or whatever.

    • The Dawnguard DLC is actually pretty good. I very much enjoyed the whole atmosphere of playing as a Vampire and the various locations that the DLC takes you to — albeit, one of the locations looks like as though they took a page out Minecraft with “The End.”

      Get it through GreenManGaming if you’re going to get it for PC.

      • I only have Skyrim on 360, and I already have the Dawnguard DLC on 360 – my wife has played it already, I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  • Yeah, it’s all well and good for PC players to say: “LOL thisis modz already.” But try to understand, jerks, that not everyone has a PC that can run Skyrim. Some people actually play it on xbox. It’s hard to comprehend, I know, but things like this are actually a real value-add to xbox players. I know that seems backwards and strange to the PC master race, and it’s totally cool if you don’t get this mod, but there’s no reason on earth to begrudge the console players when they are paying to get the same content you get for free. The PC is better, no argument, but not everyone has a PC so just graciously allow those people to have what little content they can, instead of dancing in front of the guy in a wheelchair singing: “You can’t walk, but I can! What a loser you are!” WE KNOW ALREADY.

    • Skyrim doesn’t require a great deal of PC grunt to run — you could run Skyrim on a PC that costs the same as it would to purchase an Xbox 360, a copy of Skyrim and the DLC (which would be roughly $400.00) and STILL get a decent frame rate.

    • That’s why you get DLC a month early, because Microsoft doesn’t want you realising PC is better and playing on that instead of your Xbox. Stop complaining.

  • The whole Idea of just download the mod is pathetic, theyre really bad.

    Hopefully its real cheap because the good thing about this mod being on PC, is that unlike most of the house building mods it looks to be fairly decent, the ones up on nexus and steam workshop are full of bugs (crash, crash, crash and other wierd things), conflicts with other mods, not very customisable and dont feature adoption.

    And the whole arguement “urrr if u don like it mod it urself” is a cop out, this is pure convenience, I want a house building mods that works and appeals to me, I dont want to jump into the creation kit and screw around for hours. High chance that this thing will be executed much better than the mod the only thing that could send this sideways would be a pricetag over 10$ and some bugs.

    • It’s 400 MS Points which is $5 USD. 500 MS points is $8.25 USD which means this is what, $6.50 AUD?

      If it comes out on PC it’d probably get Australia-taxed up to $9.99, but still. Might we worth it. Like you say, mods aren’t always very good and sometimes they’re not as user-friendly. At least this is pretty likely to work with the game as intended.

  • I’d be interested to know how well this DLC compares to a similar mod. I played Fallout 3 with various home mods and they just didn’t seem to mesh as well as I would liked with the actual game, and they always felt kinda low-rent.

    Maybe Skyrim is different but I’d like to know how the DLC compares to the better mods.

  • god forbid a company takes inspiration from it’s modding community and sets out to improve on it (considering they have better tools to do so)

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