Here Are Some Of The Many Hidden Secrets In Borderlands 2

Warning: spoilers ahead. Borderlands 2 is a game that will keep you happily busy for some time. But if you want to experience all the game has to offer, you'll have to hunt after all the easter eggs and hidden secrets. And there are a lot. Here are just a few we've found. Let us know if you've discovered others because, knowing Gearbox, there certainly are more. Don't forget to click to expand images.

If you don't want anything spoiled for you, feel free to stop reading right about now.

Fight the Creepers of Minecraft, Get a Skin

Fight creepers and win a Minecraft-inspired head skin for your character in the Caustic Caverns. Learn how to do so here.

You can also pick up a Hyperion-manufactured weapon that shoots Minecraft arrows, as seen in XxTONYDATIG3RxX's video to your right.

Deliver Pizza to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mmm pizza. Pretend to deliver pizza to four mutants named Lee, Dan, Mick and Ralph. Kind of familiar, wouldn't you say? Game Front shows you where to find these colour-coordinated mutants in the video to your right.

There's also a hidden boss that you can release with four switches in a room near the mutant turtles. Here's a video that includes said boss — Flinter — a reference to Master Splinter.

There's also a box of pizza with Mad Moxxi's picture on it, right next to a QR code. If you scan the code you get a quote from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film:

"Wise man say forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.- Captain Picard"

You can see it in the image to the right, thanks to The Childhood Improver.

Find the Fallout 3 Gun Dedicated To The Game's Radio Host

There's a shotgun in Borderlands 2 that's both a reference and homage to Fallout 3's Three Dog. The gun is called Thre Dog. Check it out in YouTube user DeltaVT's capture to your right. If you're curious where to find it, MorninAfterKill has the guide.

Open Se7en's Box, and Find Kenny Loggins From Top Gun

Game Front comes to your aid yet again to find a special weapon called neutralising Gwen. Oh, and a female skull next to it. It's a reference to the famous last scene in Se7en, and Handsome Jack will even yell, "What's in the box? What's in the box?" as you open it.

In the video is also a character named Loggins, a reference to Kenny Loggins whose "Danger Zone" was on the Top Gun soundtrack. He even mentions a "danger zone". Check out the video for both movie references.

Look Like a Beefier Version of Breaking Bad's Walter White

You can give Salvador Walter White's head with the "Breaking Bald" head skin. A Reddit user found it in the image you see to the right.

Dress Up Maya In a Fried Gold Reference To Spaced/Shaun of the Dead

"Fried gold" is a term used to call something awesome. It was used in both the British show Spaced as well as the Shaun of the Dead film. You can dress Maya up in the skin called Slice of Fried Gold that you see in the non-existent image below. (If you have one, lemme know!) Thanks for the image callmeJackz!

Find The Sign With Internet Speak

YouTube user TheLoyalJoe found a sign on a bandit outhouse that says "Dook Hut. No Fapping!" Fapping is internet for masturbation.

Admire The Double Rainbow All The Way, Man

Game Front tells you how to find the double rainbow in the Highlands, referencing a man's admiration that turned meme. You even get an achievement for finding it, and listening to Handsome Jack re-enact the excitement over a double rainbow.

Find The Knight of the Sun From Dark Souls As He's Sunbathing

Reddit user recc113 found Solitaire, a reference to the Knight of the Sun Solaire in Dark Souls, hidden in Caustic Caverns.

Game Front also has a video walkthrough of how to find this particular easter egg.

Don't Laugh At Skyrim's "Arrow to the Knee" Joke

If you talk to the citizens of Sanctuary, you'll hear a reference to the "arrow to the knee" meme born from Skyrim. Take a look at the video to the right courtesy of YouTube user TehEmerton.

Kill Donkey Kong, Kind Of

This one gets you an achievement if you can find and kill Donkey Mong, a rare bullymong enemy. Game Front to the rescue.

Update: In addition to Donkey Mong, there's also King Mong, a play on King Kong. Though he won't grant you an achievement for killing him, but you can watch DirtyonXBL kill him in the video to the right.

Meet Michael Mamaril Immortalised As A Character

A big fan of Borderlands who sadly passed away at a very young age was immortalised in Borderlands 2. Game Front shows you where you can find his in-game character, where he will bestow a weapon to you, which you can grab for an achievement.

Dance To Claptrap's Dubstep Beat

Claptrap sings dubstep. For more wub wub. Found by Computer and Video Games, in the video to the right.

Handle Mad Moxxi's Scandalous Weapons With Care

Mad Moxxi will give you two weapons — Miss Moxxi's Good Touch and Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch — for tipping her $US15k+ in Sanctuary. Gameranx tells you about the special vibrating features of the guns, and you can see them in the video to the right from YouTube user CookielMonsterr.

Go To Nathan Fillion's Gun Store

Game Front spotted a reference to Nathan Fillion — star of the awesome Firefly — in Liar's Berg where there's a sign posted that says "Fillion's Ammunition and Arms".

Fight For World of Warcraft's Horde

Another spot by Game Front is a badass challenge called "For the Hoard!" which is a familiar line often spoken by Blizzard's Horde creatures.

Fight Batman, Kind Of

YouTube user RifleGaming shows you a reference to Batman. You can encounter an enemy called Rakkman in The Fridge who lives in a batcave and throws smoke bombs and boomerangs for his attacks.

Dress Like The Joker

You can pick up a a "Why so serious?" skin for Zer0 that references the Joker with his trademark colour scheme. YouTube user EdwrdTriggaHnds shows it off to the right.

Fight The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa

The loveable meerkat and warthog duo featured in The Lion King are referenced in Borderlands 2 with these two enemies: a skag and a stalker. It's also a reference to the trailer Gearbox launched that featured the memorable music from the film that Timon and Pumbaa sang together. Found to your right by MrRhymestyle.

Avoid The Lava To Find These Hidden Skins

If you tread the path carefully like XGeNReaL did here, you can stumble on four different hidden skins. It seems like the Medic Mantis and Metal Fear skins could be Metal Gear references. Zer0's Alienation skin could very well be an Aliens film reference, as it certainly looks that way. And my guess for Marshall Mustache is that it's either a How I Met Your Mother doppelganger or some Western-set game reference. John Marston? Eh, he had a full bear going on. Close enough?

Stalk Roland's Facebook Page

Apparently Roland and overly attached Lilith are in a relationship. I can hear hearts breaking everywhere. Thanks SlayrProductions.

Scan the QR Code for Nick Wilson's Message

There are a few QR codes to find, but this one found by AngryL3perchaun is a cute message from one of the developers.

Nick Wilson makes his appearance in a few others, too. This one found by FillerKillers.

Walk Around Fyrestone from Borderlands 1

If you wander the Arid Badlands, you'll recognise some of the location as the starter zone from the first game. And you might be as excited as Warf3reHD and his friends were.

Go On A DuckTales Adventure With Hubert, Dubert and Lubert

You can hang with Huey, Dewey, and Louie from DuckTales. Well, almost. Hashtagaming found these three midgets that seem like a nudge to the ducks.

Talk To Steve Heyoo!

YouTube user deathmule found Steve, the bandit that's been making his promotional rounds since Borderlands 1.

Find And Kill Jimmy Jenkins

Jimmy Jenkins is a mech enemy — the result of an accidental abomination — that you can kill to complete a challenge. Watch xXEVILMONKEYX kill the loader in the video to your right.

Kill Snow White and Her Seven Dwarfs

TehCodehzor stumbled on Laney White and her seven dwarf (known as midgets in the Borderlands universe) minions. You can see Sleazy, Dirty, Tipsy, Crabby, Bloody, Greedy and Creepy in the video to your right.

Prepare for Winter

Several people have pointed out that a citizen in Sanctuary will say, "Winter is coming" when you speak with them. That's a reference to Game of Thrones.

Don't Break Mad Moxxi's Heart For This Shotgun

A certain quest you turn in to Mad Moxxi will give you a shotgun with a description that says, "I don't want to set the world on fire." This is a reference to a song that belongs to Fallout 3's soundtrack. Mạnh Quân Nguyễn found the image of the gun that you can see to the right.

Mourn the Loss of The Doctor Who Actors

Here's a reference to several eras of Doctor Who actors. Thanks for the image, Hadrian Mosley!

Dress Zer0 Up In a Daft Punk Helmet

xXEVILMONKEYX gives you a tutorial on how to get a Daft Punk helmet skin.

Dress Zer0 Up Like The Battletoads

Yet another skin for Zer0 is this reference to Battletoads. OMFG Network has a bunch of Zer0's appearance options for you to sort through.

Make the Gunzerker Blue Himself

Thanks to reader Joshua, we have this clip of the "I Blue Myself' skin, which is a reference to Arrested Development.


    What about Mothrakk? A reference to the most friendliest kaiju of them all, Mothra!

      Actually, it's Son of Mothrakk - a nod to Mothrakk who was the PITA miniboss in BL1.

    I scrolled quickly through the list as I didn't want to spoil things too much.. quite a large collection of easter eggs.. I love games that don't try to take themselves too seriously.

      Quite a lot of them are just little references along the way, like names of skins and the like.

        Yeh.. I know but still.. it's good to see them all there.. so many of them.. Not just a few here and there as afterthoughts.. thought was clearly put into these easter eggs and that's why I like this game, amongst other reasons of course. They've really ramped up the humour and non-gameplay stuff for this installment of the franchise.

    Awww yeah I've got the Thre Dog in my inventory at the moment. Shotgun with a lock-on sight? Pretty awesome.

    Did the Ninja turtles mission and the Top Gun mission over the weekend. Man this game is awesome, definitely a major improvement over the original.

    I found a shield called the love thumper, with the red text "If Thumping you is wrong, I don't want to be right" which I THINK is a reference to lonely island mother lover

    I take it everyone picked up on the Goliath being a Dead Space necromorph reference ? Given that when you shoot it in the head it freaks out (a reference to the anti-headshot dismemberment system) and one of those reanimated heads from Dead Space is under its mask?

    Some of them are pretty cool - wandering around sanctuary and hearing an npc say "winter is coming"... I completed that "deliver pizza to four mutants in a sewer" quest, and didn't get the reference; that makes me sad.

    I also found a loot midget (can't remember the exact name) that looked suspiciously like a treasure goblin from Diablo... which also ran away leaving a trail of money and exploded and covered the area with cash in the same way when killed.

    Why do people keep saying borderlands references skyrim with the arrow to the knee joke. In the first zone in borderlands 1 T.K. says i used to be a vault hunter until i took a skag to the knee. 2 fucking years before skyrim came out.

      Yeah that treasure goblin, reminded me of the one out of Golden Axe that gave you the potions.

    How about the quest: "The good, the bad and the Mordecai"? And the first guy you track down is Carson.

    References the western "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" starring Clint Eastwood? In that movie they looks for Bill Carson who has the location of the gold.

    Borderlands 2 Easter Egg: The most annoying game in the game.

    Wouldn't it be cool if at least one of them was good?

    The double rainbow is actually claptrap, not handsome jack.

      Its both.

    Dunno if it's coincidence or not but the giant robot "Saturn" looks sort of like a Titan from warhammer 40k, also titan is a moon of saturn and is also called Saturn 6 ( or some other number) and the robot is the same natural color of Saturn.

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