Here Are Some Terrible Reasons To Beat Up People In Dead Or Alive 5

Unless we're talking about Persona 4 Arena, stories in fighting games tend to be pretty awful.They usually boil down to a series far-fetched excuses for random characters to beat the tar out of each other.

Dead or Alive 5 is no exception.

In the video above, I show off some of the more ridiculous rationales the cast of Dead or Alive 5 has come up with for committing aggravated assault. At least one involves the dignity of a motorcycle.

You heard me: A motorcycle.


    Don't forget Blazblue, hands down best story in a fighting game!

      I wouldn't really call a story where you need to have the wiki open next to you at all times to understand what the hell is going on "good" in the traditional sense of the word.

    1. Is it just me or did their mouths not seem synced up at all with their speech?

    2. I laughed when the camera panned to reveal standing behind the guy rugged up in arctic cold weather gear Kasumi wearing next to nothing.

    Actually, i think being stalked is a fair reason to throw some fists.

    The "your daughter is on tv wearing a bikini" made me lol. "UGH, my daughter is on tv wearing a bikini, have to bash up the closet person i can get to"

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