Here’s A Handy Field Guide To Some Of The Creatures Of Resident Evil 6

It’s less than a week until the release of Resident Evil 6 and fans are anxiously awaiting the latest chapter in the Resident Evil franchise.

For those out there who want to know a little about some of the baddies they’ll be facing around the globe, here’s a handy little guide. Look through the gallery for images and brief descriptions about some of the members of the monster horde.

Warning! Some descriptions may contain spoilers!

Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for release in the US on October 2nd and in Japan on October 4th.

BIOHAZARD 6 公式サイト [BIOHAZARD 6 公式サイト]

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It’s been a while since actual zombie zombies have shown up in a numbered RE game, but now they’re finally back. Mindless victims of bioterrorism, these infected instinctively attack any surviving humans. Unlike previous incarnations, these zombies will run, leap, climb, and even use weapons.


Unlike zombies, the J’avo can speak and execute coordinated attacks as well as use complex weaponry. They have regeneration abilities making them difficult to kill.

When extensive damage is afflicted, they may mutate damaged areas into more powerful forms. Depending on where they are damaged, some can even have multiple mutations.


Powerful bio-creatures with artificial appendages. The Ustanak are ruthless and unyielding hunters. Different types of weapon arms have been confirmed.


The Lepotitsa spew infectious gas from the multiple orifices all over their bodies. People who come in contact with this gas are quickly turned into zombies.


A massive humanoid creature that towers over crushes anything in its way.

The Ogroman possesses strength enough to easily lift and throw a car with one hand.


Humans infected by the C-Virus undergo rapid mutation. During this process, they enter this cocoon phase where they gestate before they are reborn in horrific and deadly new forms.


One of the completed forms of a human infected by the C-Virus.

This creature can climb walls and ceilings and attacks with gas and spines.


Another post-Chrysalid form of a human infected by the C-Virus.

A Napad will charge at its target using its increased strength, size, and tough hide. The Napad has an increased body temperature which it regulates through a constant release of steam.

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