Here's A Video Game Running On The iPhone 5

Announced at Apple's press conference today, this is the iPhone 5. It will come with a bigger screen, a faster CPU and better battery life. In other words, it'll be a more powerful gaming device than any previous iPhone to date.

Although Apple didn't spend a lot of time talking about gaming today, it did bring out Rob Murray, CEO of EA studio Firemint, to show off a new game called Real Racing 3.

"We created the ultimate racing experience on iOS," he said, as transcribed by The Verge. "Today I'm going to show you the next level. Real Racing 3... Real tracks, real cars, real people you can play against anytime you like.

"Now you can see Vince is driving, and he's racing me. How is that possible? Well we're using a feature in Game Center. Time shifted head to head."

"Full console quality," he said.

Check Gizmodo for a full breakdown of the new phone's features.

Image: The Verge

(Image via GDGT)


    woo vince!

    That's.... pretty impressive. Have to admit. NOVA 3 was impressive on tablets previously (controls were terrible) but it was somewhere between xbox and 360 graphics. This is looking much better.

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