Here's Another Kojima-Ordered Look At Snake

Metal Gear fans thought they were getting Old Snake a second time after viewing the 10-minute in-game demonstration of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, which series creator Hideo Kojima said was a misperception created by backlighting.

Still, people continued to press the issue. So Kojima asked an artist to remove the goggles from this promotional image, released Aug. 30, which featured Snake in a beard that needed no Just For Men Mustache & Beard. And here he is. Happy now?


    Let's hope Richard Doyle does Big Boss's again! That would be so awesome!

      I second that motion…

      I think he's still young enough for David Hayter. I think I'd have Doyle if Kojima decides to revisit Outer Heaven again. Solid Snake will be young too, so it'd be somewhat unrealistic to have Hayter do his voice.

    Yeah he seriously looked old in the video, grey beard and all.

    he looked older but not as old as Old Snake. I dunno, to me it was obvious it was Big Boss.

      I don't think anyone was really mistaking him for Old Snake... oh about from pretty much every journalist.

    Richard Doyle? No way man, David Hayter

      I'm unsure on this one. I know David Hayter does Solid Snake, and he does it well. I don't remember Big Boss' voice that well in MGS4, but Richard Doyle did do it. In keeping to that formula, Richard Doyle would be best choice, however I can never go past Hayter's great voice for the star character. I think I will go Youtube Richard Doyle..

        I finished MGS4 again yesterday... I would be happy to hear Richard Doyle take over. Hayter is great, but he's just getting more gravelly, not really older.

          The more gravel the better!

          Here's my logic: David Hayter voiced Naked Snake/Big Boss through MGS3/Peacewalker. Big Boss' age here is obviously younger than Old Snake in MGS4. So it would sound odd to have Richard Doyle's voice replace Hayter's when Big Boss hasn't even gone grey yet!

          And plus, no other person can say the obligatory "METAL GEAR!!??" quite like Hayter, and no one can replace that. They're not allowed.

            I second that, back the truck up and bring on the gravel!

          And also, I read another good point that sounds so much simpler than my ramblings:

          "David Hayter IS Snake regardless if it is Big Boss or Solid. The only reason Richard Doyle did it in MGS4 was because they couldn't really have David Hayter talking to David Hayter."

    Richard Doyle is also the voice of 'The Fury', so if that dude with the charred face is Fury, then guaranteed Hayter will be back.

    You know what, this actually makes me much more pumped about this game. I was worried they'd just rehash MGS4 in the 70s. I'm now 100% on board.


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