Here's How You Earn 30,000 Coins In Two Minutes In New Super Mario Bros. 2

The road to one million coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 can be daunting. Maybe you've given up by now. Well it's time to get back on track, champ. Let Kotaku reader Slider show you how to earn 30,000 coins in two minutes all without leaving your couch. (Sorry about the video quality.)


    So is this based on a glitch? Why did he become golden raccoon there?

    He used the golden flower as a stored item by tapping the bottom screen.

    This exploit is the best I've seen

    That's going to make things a little quicker getting to 1m, I'm well over 800,000 coins atm.

    And to think in that 1 minute or so, he managed to earn more than I have in playing the game so far (only up to world 4) :/

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