Here's How You Trade Loot With Other Players In Torchlight II

It's all well and good to horde loot for yourself, but sometimes you want to share. Besides, who knows? Maybe your friend has a piece of gear that'll complete your set of armour and in so doing, complete your very soul.

In Torchlight II, it's very easy to trade loot with other people in your multiplayer game. It's all very casual and handshake-based, which feels in line with the game's generally relaxed attitude towards multiplayer. (This is, of course, one of the big differences between Runic's game and the auction house-based Diablo III.)

In the video above, fellow Kotaku-ite Jason Schreier and I do some quick trading between our two engineers. Obviously, Jason's level teensomething and I'm level fortysomething, so our loot is… a touch lopsided. (More on lopsided multiplayer play later).

But really, it's that simple. Click on the person's avatar and click "trade", and then haggle out the particulars on your own.


    You... can do exactly the same thing in Diablo 3. How in the hell is this a story?

      It's a story for those people interested in Torchlight II.
      Just because you can do it in some other game doesn't make it less of a story, just your care factor is less.

      Personally, I'll never play Diablo 3 - found the first one to be incredibly tedious, but loved Torchlight, and keenly await it's sequel. Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm contradicting myself, but Torchlight just seems to have more character to it - y'know personal preference and all.

      Yeah this article is presenting this as a point of difference between Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 but D3 has exactly the same thing PLUS the auction house. Now I've never touched the real money side of things but it sure is good getting a good pile of gold for a Legendary item you have no more use for.

        When he calls out diablo 3 in a manner that makes it sound like diablo 3 doesn't have the exact same feature it becomes a rather Bullshit article

        "(This is, of course, one of the big differences between Runic’s game and the auction house-based Diablo III.)"

        Makes it sound like the only way to do trades is via the AH

          Was meant to be a reply to mandroid but oh well

    Just another Torchlight is better than Diablo 3 story that that is completely pointless. Will probably be 10-20 more in in the coming weeks and then a full compilation of all the article links into one article the week after.

      You might want to choose some other industry blog to follow then, as gaming, and pretty much all of IT publications follow this cycle.
      I'm sure the blogs on plumbing will offer much more refreshing content.

        Don't go bashing on me about bad articles when I read more plunkett bash craft and Tina articles than you. I know what this site is and I'm just saying there will be 5 post each from the trio and more repost stuff from Tina. Its getting out of hand really. We used to get very good unbiased reviews for abit then comparisons come after but now we get someone comparing game and gave wrong news to readers. Like this article saying torchlight 2 is better because of the trade system which Diablo already have it. Nothing wrong writing bad article but it is very wrong to write fake stuff to readers. This is not a paparazzi news site where everything is fake and made up

          Were you here when smash bros came out back then? I stopped reading kotaku since everyday there are at least 3 articles about it for weeks

            I'm not bashing you about a bad article, I was pointing out that your original comment was a generic bash on an article submission cycle that is pretty much standard throughout the industry. Since then, you've articulated yourself in a better manner, and I agree, better articles are always appreciated, but it's unrealistic to expect quality articles to meet insatiable demand.

            You'll have to point out the part where they said 'Torchlight II is better than Diablo ", as I seem to have missed it.

    Just bought the 4 pack and will be playing with my bros. It'll be like the old days with D2 again :p

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