Here's Some Of The World's Best Cosplayers (Live And In Person!)

Tonight at the Tokyo Game Show, some of the best cosplayers in Japan — and around the world — gathered for Cosplayers' Cure Night.

It wasn't a competition or a contest to see who put on the best outfit (or the best show), but rather, a gathering of cosplayers — and members of Cosplayers' Cure, a hugely popular community site for cosplayers.

On hand were big name Japanese cosplayers as well as international cosplaying superstars, such as Alodia Gosiengfiao, Yaya Han, and Riki LeCotey.

If you've spent time in the internet, you've seen their work. Their work is great.

And so is all the cosplay on display here — the outfits, the props, and the poses are all top notch. So here they are, performing their cosplay right before your very eyes — live.

Above, cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao is Trish from Devil May Cry. Have a look at the gallery for the rest.

Matsu Maeda (Ren Tachibana) and Keiji Maeda (Reika) from Sengoku Basara

Dynasty Warriors 7 (Arukajimi Josui, Kouta, Ryuto)

Noel (Naoya), Serah (Anzu), and Lightning (Maria) from the Final Fantasy XIII series

Chihaya Kisaragi (Tam), Hibiki Ganaha (Rook), Azusa Miura (Amanomeiko), Makoto Kikuchi (Koami Sakuma), Miki Hoshii (ri-na), Haruka Amami (Sakuraebi), Yukiho Hagiwara (Shoki)

Megurine Luka (Rie) from the Vocaloid series

Sasuke (Shiguma), Naruto (Akira Konomi), Sakura (YuRi Inaba) from Naruto

Renri (Sice), Ace (Horii), and Seven (Tasuku) from Final Fantasy Type-0

Miku (Onnies) and Kaito (Heyleydia) from the Vocaloid series

X-23 (Riki Lecotey) from Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Felicia (Yaya Han) from Darkstalkers


    Felicia! Nice ... ummmm ... Toes!

      She's going to be at Armageddon in Melbourne in October

    Why the hell do so many professional and amateur cosplayers dress up as Miku? last convention I was at I counted no fewer than 60 Miku's, even beating the number of Doctor Who cosplayers of all eleven doctors combined.

      It's a fairly simple outfit, not too difficult, yet still one of the single most recognisable. It's just simply the best choice for someone who doesn't have a lot of time or talent to put into a costume.

    X-23 isn't fooling anyone.

    Gonna get flamed here, but kind of sick of all these cosplay articles.

      I find em kinda boring, but it's only once a week.

      Pro-tip: If you don't like cosplay, and you see an article with "cosplay" in the title, try not clicking on it.

        Except when all the articles are Cosplay articles...

        Last edited 16/10/12 1:45 pm


      What browser are you using that automatically opens all the news stories and forces you to read every single one?

      Should uninstall it.

    wow naruto is pretty good

    Really? These are the world's best??

    I've seen better in DragonCon pictures... these really aren't all that great.

    That article you guys ran last week with the Borderlands cosplay characters were outstanding and way above the quality of these ones in this article.

    Again, poor form Kotaku.

    Maybe 'best out of the whole convention' but nowhere near the best in Japan nor internationally.

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