Here's Some Terrible Dating Advice For Gamers

The people who run the video game dating site Date a Gamer don't just have a bad, misleading product, they also think that those of you who like video games are desperate, don't know how to function in society and most certainly like girls.

They are also sure that you're male.

So they've put together some dating tips "for all you cheeky gamers out there":

  1. Buy the lady flowers and bring them to dinner (but not to a bar). Don't buy roses, because "it's too strong a message.
  2. Learn to cook. Use spices. "Guys, if you can find a food that a lady likes and mix that up to perfection, you're bound to get laid."
  3. Pay attention to what the lady is wearing and saying. "Remembering important dates in the calendar like her birthday is an absolute must."

Hey, it's the weekend, didn't you need some awful dating tips? Here's the final gem:

"So remember guys, we like gifts, to be wined and dined, and just to have someone to listen to us. And if you get all of these things right, she's bound to allow you a connection through her firewall."

For more useless advice, see also: What to do on a first date with a Single Gamer... and... How to impress a Girl into Bed after the first date.

Dare we here at Kotaku suggest that you don't get too hung up about being a "gamer" and simply be yourself while you date the guy or girl you're interested in? And if you use any of the asinine innuendo used in these videos, assume your date will be over shortly afterward.

How to Please Her — dating tips for Gamers [YouTube]


    Oh screw this shit.

    I've seen some of their other "insightful" videos, I always feel a little uncomfortable as they randomly pan over the girls body as she talks with that unemotional voice. Also great line "I like to be surprised, and by surprised I mean given things".

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    LOL at dumb blond... although I would so tap that

    Yeah, the girl in the video doesn't look like she online dates. She looks like the type to go to a nightclub and dance and sleep with random guys.

    First date with my ex gf a few years back went brilliantly. We saw The hangover, got hungry jacks, went back to my place and we played Streetfighter IV for two whole hours. It's not how expensive it is, it's the quality of the company. She was amazing :) Unfortunately we broke up because she was in the airforce and had to be posted to Vic. She was fantastic :)

      Whats her number? Lol

        Hahahahahahahah. We keep in touch still but I think her new husband might kill you. lol. I know it took a while for him to be ok with her still talking to me. Only because I added him to facebook and speak to him too. Cool guy, nice to know she does the same with him too, they have regular PS3 nights lol.

          It kinda sounds like you're still not ok with this. I don't blame you mate, she sounds too good to be true. I too lost a girl to the RAAF -- I feel your pain anonymous online friend.

    This is just terrible

    HA! Jokes on them, I'm desperate and don't know how to function in society even WITHOUT videogames!

    .... wait..

    That was fucking weird.

    lol what a "lady" - basically a life support system for a vag

      so, I may be pissed off my rocker, but this comment is comedy gold!

      I think by using that disgusting turn of phrase you have removed yourself well and truly from the pool of "people who can talk about how others should behave".
      Sorry she took a job that doesn't suit your image of the docile and refined "lady" you desire her to be.
      Good thing every female's ideal guy is a judgemental internet-mocking gamer or you'd almost be a hypocrite/in some trouble!

        You sound like you copied her look in a pitiful attempt to hide your horrible gamer face. Is that why you are this mad?

          I'm a married man and you're an idiot.

    I love how on their website they have "as featured on kotaku" on the front page!

    The best thing I get out of this is that Kotaku US sort of acknowledged that straight, white, male gamers do have their own perception and prejudice problems to deal with and we're not the untouchable, no problems from anywhere supergamers that we keep getting made out to be.

    I'd be taking dating advice from Steel Panther before listening to these people.. lol

    "Let your connection through her firewall"

      That chick is clearly a software firewall only, not exactly difficult.

        No. This chick has windows defender... disabled.

    Back in my day we just gave the girls father two sheep and a cow.
    So much simpler.

      goats are better

        Goats are worth less per KG these days than Sheep & Cow, you'd be silly man, silly!

    Actually*** haha

    saggy tits sorry no thx

    HAHAHAHAHA on the actual date a gamer site they say the have been featured on many sites including kotaku. HAHHAHHAHA

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