Square Enix Talks The Next Final Fantasy

Check out these four videos to see Square Enix's design team talking about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, announced tonight both here and Japan for release next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Square Enix promises more details on September 4.


    Square Enix continue to ignore the fans. Final Fantasy 13 was just terrible yet they continue to make sequels to the worst FF ever created. Why don't they realocate development assets to finishing promising games like versus XIII and the FFX remastered. Also even making Final Fantasy XV would be fine. It's clear at this point they are saving FFXV for next gen and will continue to milk their fans with these terrible games while also promising good final fantasy games that never seem to make any progress or release.

      Square Enix continue to ignore you.*

      XIII needs this to come to an end and I'm sure many fans would agree and be happy to see how this final chapter pans out.

      Sure they should be working on other titles. But they do need to make money to do all of that which this surely will give how much of the XIII framework already exists. Plus I feel this is necessary for SE to find their place and explore what possibilities lie ahead in the future. I see this as having been a sort of experiment. From their possible failings now and possible success that this brings they will be able to move forward and create new mainline games that they can know people will enjoy. I mean just imagine if this or XIII-2 was XV if they weren't well received as a mainline flagship it could have been the end of them.


        While most of the stuff seems rather airy-fairy the concepts their talking about would be interesting provided they pull it off right. I think most of the hate is really just because its *not* Versus.

        I'm actually quite interested in this title myself as they seem to be trying their hand on action/rpg again. And it seems they've definitely learned a few lessons since their last try (ie. Dirge of Cerberus). Would be very interesting how they manage to mesh all these concepts together as a final product

        They continue to ignore the fans* I lost interest in there rubbish after XIII but many fans gave XIII-2 a chance and were disappointed and will do the same with lightning returns. So what if they need money because of failed projects like XIII and XIV bleeding them dry. It's not the consumers responsibility to hold their hand through tough times brought on by their mismanagement. They did right with XIV which I commend but this XIII rubbish needs to stop.

          "Many" fans, or an arse-hurt minority?

            Because they know they can fix the game in the next FF game but for now they are finishing of the story arc for the people who do like the game and FF XIII 2 still sold 3 million copies or more so they still have to finish the story. Plus they still have a chance to fix it.

            And Final Fantasy XIII was great game, the Training at the start took way to long though. Everyone has different opinions. And alot of us arent as close minded as you are about games.... "oh crap, I hate this game now cause it changed a bit".


            Read most reviews or ask for the popular opinion. The general attitude towards XIII-2 was 'bad to passable' with no clear consensus as to whether it was actually an improvement over its predecessor. But sure, white knight this game and belittle others' experiences because they didn't love it as much as you did.

          And it's not their responsibility to lay their company on the line and risk going bankrupt to meet the demands being made by "fans". I am sure they would love to have unlimited money and work on a half dozen AAA titles at a time to meet your expectations. But that isn't possible.

            Where did this misconception that SE was in any tenuous financial standing come from? SE has a steady and comfortable revenue simply from ported or republished downloadables. The Japanese market will ensure that any of their FF games will at LEAST break even + foreign market profit + their publishing arm that has already made bank from the likes of Deus Ex and Sleeping Dogs.

            I understand that publicly-traded companies have a responsibility to their shareholders, but the canard that SE will fold with a single bomb is a false one. They can absorb several Amalurs without breaking a sweat. If you're a game company in such a comfortable situation, you can afford to experiment instead of remixing the old. Does anyone actually think FXIII-3 will win any new fans that weren't already sold on its predecessors? No. SE is coasting because they know the diehards and their local market will eat up whatever they squeeze out.

            Nobody hates it cause it changed A BIT.its cause the franchise ditched the core static elements that compose EVERY othe ff game. Item management being the first. I like not being fully healed between fights and having a mana bar so i have to gear up for my journey. 2 being towns and npcs to emmerse you in the world. 3 is the ability to controll each member individually in battle and 4 is gear cause leys gace it theres not alot if weapon or armor variety which is another staple of not just ff but rpgs in general. Hell they dont even have the traditional ff soundtracks in this one. Its one thing to inovate but to completely create a new franchise and slap the final fantasy title on it is not fair to the die hard fans who have waited over a decade since ffx for a new traditional installment. After 10 successfull games and a diehard fanbase why abondon us now?

              Die hard fan? And yet you do not mention FFXII? I think that says about enough.

        That's awfully optimistic. I'm suspecting that they don't really know or care what direction their company is heading in, but they're shrewd enough to realise that there's an easy gravy train in simply rehashing the old whether through sequels we never asked for (this) or mobile ports.

        SE isn't a small start-up that they're living day-by-day with one project funding the next, they're a huge publishing and development house. They're not the powerhouse they used to be, but SE has coin like Scrooge McDuck and can easily absorb half a dozen flops simply from subsisting off their downloadables.They don't NEED more money to finish their development hell projects, they're just being lazy.

    sounds horrible :(

    After watching the last video detailing the environments and cities, I think this could be the most interesting XIII title to date

    wonderful!!!! square enix has listened to me!! looking forward to part 3.

    I just want an old fashion FF game with turn based battles. Take all the elements from FF4, FF7 and FF9 and make a new game. The series is so far removed from its roots now that a game that celebrated and embraced its beginnings might be the way to rejuvinate the series. At least sales wise. But it won't happen, even Dragon Quest has now moved beyond the traditional jrpg style.

      that's exactly what i want too.

    The Art Design really drew me in. I agree that the previous ff13 titles have underwhelmed me, but the art of the main metropolis looked very exciting, like they are taking the world in a much different, slightly retro/realistic direction.

    As sucky as FF 13 was, I cant hate square. They've given me some of my fav games this gen. In fact the last 2 games I bought were Sleeping Dogs & Kingdom Hearts 3D

    Well, for all the butthurt fanboys who either didn't like anything after X or wanted freedom of exploration you have it here. SE is pretty generous giving us three video presentations on the 25th anniversary about the third and final part of XIII. This 'World Driven' 'Real Time' and 'Open World' experience could be the best combination to pick the series up again before further dropping jaws with Versus XIII. ..providing you followed the XIII franchise of course.

    I'm one of many people who just wish Square would move on from XIII. I understand that many people enjoyed it and its sequel but XIII's story and characters just mean nothing to me except for far too much time spent in the first game trying to get to 'the good bit'.
    In the end I just feel that they bet far too much on XIII and the whole fabula nova crystallis thing.

    Sorry they have lost a lot of there fans after ff12, and ff13 pushed more away, not to count the fail of ff14 making it free for almost 2 years becuase it was so bugged says a lot. They need to go back to there roots where the company was made on. FF7 built the company and pushed the game in to the main stream over night. Reason it is one of the best selling games of all time. They should make some remakes of the games they made ages ago and bring them up to graphic systems today they would sell better then the new games because all the fans that played the old ones would by the new ones. Does not cost as much money as making a new game from the ground up since they have story and general idea of how everything plans out just have to spend the time on the graphic engine and video cuts. why trying to bring the company back to the roots and get away from space and guns and all that junk

    I'm with a lot of you that want the old FFs back. What the hell happened to classic RPGs? FFX was amazing, and, while at first I despised XII, it grew on me. The amount of side quests alone was great. I was so thrilled when I brought FFXIII home and put it in the Xbox, and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for it to open up into a real RPG, and it never happened. This game was so straight line it was ridiculous. Where are the side quests? Where is the customization? Where is the actual RPG element? I'm really disappointed that they're still working on this series and everytime I hear anything about it I get more and more irritated with SE. They're still an amazing company, but I really wish they'd move on from this. Remaking the old games would be flipping awesome. I'd pay for that, or XV, or Kingdom Hearts 3.

    I like all the discussion about the "old Final Fantasy." Did I miss something? I could have sworn that the series is as incredible as it is precisely because they were willing to innovate and try new things. Every single game has changed in substantial ways from the prior game, and every single time there are people who complain about the changes. I remember when FFX came out and there was massive outcry from so-called fans. Now some people hail it as one of their greatest, and many of those people don't even mention FFXII. If you were truly a fan, you wouldn't just complain and complain—you would just go back and play all the classics again.

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