Here's To Looking Good In Halo Battle Armour

The world is getting a new Halo game this year, Halo 4. That's pretty exciting, I reckon! Many gamers love Halo, but some don't just stop at playing the games. They love dressing up in Halo combat gear. And why wouldn't they?

Here's a sampling of some — certainly not all — of the finest Halo armour cosplays the internet has to offer. And here at Kotaku, we love seeing how various talented cosplayers do their own interpretations of game characters, whether they're faithful, funny or just interesting.

Have a look at all the Halo combat gear below.

Top photo: sebartz/TIMECON/mariedoll



























    Man that female Spartan Armour is not very protective..... :P

    Funny, there's lots of articles criticising the sexualisation of women in games but then the fans themselves make cosplay like this. It sort of destroys the arguement. Not that I'm complaining. :)

      I was going to reply with the same sort of comment. They complain that we(men) are sexist and don't respect women. The same women who most likely support those movements and "like" those sorts protest pages on facebook and the like go and make armour with a built-in push-up bra.

      Again, I'm not complaining...

        Massive generalisation... There is no 'them' women vs 'us' men. You make it sound as if all women gathered together to make cropped Spartan armour.

      Was thinking the exact same thing.
      +1 to your internets sir

      No, because these poor women have been warped by the oppressive patriarchy, remember?

    Some impressive costumes there. Also

    It is kinda ironic isn't it?

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