Here's What Nintendo TVii Looks Like In Action

Shot at Nintendo's event in New York City today, here's a look at Nintendo TVii in action. Nintendo TVii is the Wii U service that will allow you to use the second screen to interact with media, follow sports scores, and do all sorts of other random connected and streamy things.

What do you think? Will this convince you to buy a Wii U? Will we ever get used to writing "Nintendo TVii"?


    If they have twitchtv support that would be amazing!

    This isnt coming to Australia so the post is a little pointless for us.

    Any word if this will be implemented here in Aus. There was no word of it in the Euro stream just the US one.

    Depending on what comes to Aus, this will likely stop me having to keep my 360 connected.

      It isn't coming to Australia, Nintendo said it in the reveal of it, it is the Americas only.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    How is it that we are three months before launch of the system and they can't even demo the experience properly? How hard is it to show TDK playing on the gamepad? This is ridiculous. It just screams of a clunky experience that Nintendo doesn't have confidence to even let press touch the thing.

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