Here's What's Inside Each Wii U Console Box

Once you open up a Wii U box, you'll find a bunch of stuff inside. Namely, all of this, as Nintendo seeks to crush the practice of unboxing by doing it for us, months before the product is even released.

What I love about these images is the small print down the bottom. As though Nintendo's online features, which actually look kind of cool, are some kind of disclaimer!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Nintendo for including a HDMI cable with each console. That's something certain other companies who ship HD consoles with composite cables could learn a thing or two from.


    Now just give me some exclusives or some more games of worth and I might consider buying one.

      ....did you not read what's coming out at launch?
      theres no pleasing some.

        Theres nothing that flash coming out same problem Wii had unless your into Nintendo franchises the list of hardcore games that are exclusive will burn out fast

          ZombieU seems like it will be epic after i see more reviews on it i may get the WiiU just for that game lol

        Some people buy Nintendo consoles only for Mario, Zelda, Super Smash or Pokemon games heck I had my Wii since launch and only have 7 games on it which is significant since I have over 80 Xbox 360 Games. in comparison.

          Pretty much this... I know the Wii U will suck when it comes to 3rd party games, but I know I'll pick one up just for Mario and Zelda. I'm a huge goddamn sucker since I pick up each of their consoles to play 3-4 games.

          I'm the opposite. I Bought my Wii at launch and have over 40 games for it and I bought a 360 a couple years ago that I have 4 games for. All consoles have their strengths a weaknesses but realistically it comes down to the games you want to play. Nintendo offers me the games I want to play. other then a few rpg's there's nothing on the 360/ps3 that I am interested in as I don't like shooters or sports games. That doesn't mean I'm not a hardcore gamer tho it just means I have a preference to what types of games I enjoy.

        Everyones' read the WiiU launch lineup. Probably Nintendos' weakest launch lineup to date! No Mario 64/Galaxy esque game...Damn!

          Dont get me wrong, will buy an WiiU. But $400 to play an side-scrolling Mario - I'll wait.

          I would argue that the 3DS was their weakest.

            The games available at the launch of the xL were awesome though ;)

          Look into the history. Nintendo rarely launches with a mario game. By quantity this is the largest launch lineup and it has a mario game so you can't say it is a poor launch lineup by historical standards.

    These are USA prices arnt they? This isnt AUS price, huh?

      Aus price is $350 for white, $430 for black.

      Yeah they are, and they are the US Bundles too. Australia are getting more expensive prices and the bundles mirror the UK bundles.

        What's different about the UK bundles?

    Is there no option to get a white 32gb?

      How about a black 8gig?

    Wait, so no composite cables? That's bad news for my 11 year-old TV.

      Buy some? or buy a new TV?

      Nothing left to do but drag the old wretched TV to the back shed and blow the mother away with a double barrel shotgun.

      If you have a Wii I think it uses the same AV cable

      If your going to spend $400 on a HD console, surely $300 for a new 32ince lcd isn't too unrealistic?

      Know dat feel. Digital displays are junk, analogue forever!

    Luke u are an idiot why show USA prices and there bundles show aus bundles and our prices you noob

    The AC adaptor for the gamepad is actually awesome. So over batteries.

    I assume the Internet is via built-in wireless?

    Also any confirmation on backwards comparability? I assume full Wii compatibility. How about GameCube? I assume not, with games available on virtual console instead.

      WiiU will be backwards compatible with MOST Wii games and accessories. Yes it has built in WiFi.

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