Hey, It's George Washington In This New Assassin's Creed Trailer

We already knew that main character Connor would be meeting historical figures in Assassin's Creed III, since the game is set during the Revolutionary War. And now, we get a chance to see what some of those founding fathers will look like in the next instalment of this franchise.

The teaser also highlights the efforts to surround Connor with authentic-feeling Native American characters. And bloodshed. Lots and lots of bloodshed.



    Torrent city.

    Does he hunt vampires too?

      Thats Abraham lincoln lol

    I want to help you, George Washington.

      ...even your dreams are square...

    Still havent seen him kill anyone dressed in blue.......Impartial my arse. If they were upfront about it I wouldnt give a shit. But they did promise promotional material showing the new guy killing everyone equally. Im guessing itll be one mission in the game you actually get to kill some rebels, but theyll be traitors to the cause or secret templars blah blah blah just so Americans can play the game with their good guy image intact.

      Yup totally agree :)

    I think people are over thinking this issue, Its a game about the American Revolution, they won, get over it. And besides in another trailer/gameplay vid he makes it more than clear to his counterparts he's after templars, and that "the patriots can fight their own battles"

      its not that, its fact that in the assassins creed lore, the founding fathers were templars. plus for once it would be fucking nice to see a game/movie that has both sides get killed in equal measure while also humanising the british.


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