How Much Will Wii U Games And GamePads Cost In Australia? (We Don't Know Yet)

We've spoken with local publishers, including Nintendo, but everyone is staying quiet. Despite the fact we now have an release date and price for the Wii U, we have no official word on how much the games themselves will cost, or the Wii U GamePad for that matter. We don't even really know if the Wii U GamePad will be available to buy separately at launch...

So, in short we don't know much.

But here's what we do know — in the US games are set to retail at $59.95US, which is a full $10 above the RRP of Nintendo games last generation, so we can expect to pay either the same price for Wii U games, or a little more, compared to brand new Wii titles.

EB is currently taking pre-orders on launch titles (and some post launch titles). It's (estimating, I presume) that the RRP will be $109.95, and is elling for $108. While, it's not concrete, I think a $109.95 RRP on the games themselves is a pretty safe bet.

It's also looking possible that additional GamePads won't be available for purchase at launch. They won't be available for US consumers on release date, but will be on sale in Japan when it launches on December 8. This is most likely a production issue — Nintendo most likely can't make these things fast enough. Again, we'll update when we have something more concrete.

As for the price of the Wii U GamePad? Well, considering the pricing overseas, we'll give an estimate of $199.95. But again, we have no real idea at this point.

We'll update when we have something more concrete.


    I'm guessing they'll be $60... via ozgameshop

    Meh. That would guesstimate a pro bundle + second controller at $650 or so. That's a LOT of cash.

      second controller isnt supported for launch apparently. Most multi games it seems are going to use either Pro controllers or Wiimotes. And of course if your friend has a console you can use their controller. So it seems unlikely you will actually have to buy a second controller at all. So why include that in price of console?

        Because when games DO support it, it'll be part of the initial cost - especially if someone is a patent with two kids. Or, yknow, married/living with someone who games.

    If Nintendo Australia advise a RRP of $109.95 for games then they may as well nail their foot to the floor, shoot it, poor petrol on it and light a match. The price for new games is now being set at $70 or $80 at retailers who previously were charging $30. The die has been cast in terms of what people are now willing to pay and $109.95 can't be justified any more.

      It's Nintendo Australia, if they don't announce the games for the exact same RRP as every other platform (i.e. $110) then I will be absolutely stunned.

        But new games are not $110 any more (well most of them). I was stunned when I saw $78 for a several new games in Harvey Norman a few weeks ago. Harvey Norman! The same is happening in JB where a lot of new release games are $69. The price drop has happened and if Nintendo insist on higher prices they're screwed, regardless if the console is reasonably priced on launch.

    Didn't the dream cast have a similar issue when it launched? Let's hope it's not actually necessary to own a second one.

    No way in hell I am paying $110 for a game. EB already try to do this with a lot of the blockbuster releases.

    What about the 'pro' controllers? I.e. the ones without the screen? Are those priced?

    As everyone else has said. If Nintendo try to charge over $100 for games they can lick my Donkey's,... Kong sized hairy balls.

    Well they didn't say that last bit.

    Considering that the machine price was lower than expected, I think that rather than see game prices rise, they'll actually stay right where they are.

    As in if the Wii was released now, the game prices would have been cheapened... but these games are more expensive than that, so are priced at the same level as they "used to" be.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I'm amazed people still buy games from EB. Even uninformed ones.

      Yeah I know, coz god-forbid they could have great sales or price match

      I mean, I know I picked up Max Payne 3 there for $46 brand new.. such an uninformed fool I am...

    LOL, buying games from EB.

    Remember, a couple of months ago Nintendo changed their pricing strategy for 1st party games here. They've released some at $70 and dropped the price of others (notably not Skyward Sword though). If they carry on with this then maybe, just maybe they won't be a complete ripoff. No idea about 3rd party publishers though. They'll definitely charge through the nose.

    Go the indie devs and online distribution. $110 is a joke.

    $110 would be way too much and a step backwards when it comes to game pricing!
    Prices have been coming down which is great and as it should be!
    I just think Wii U games need to be AT MOST $99 (like Wii games) then Wii games need to be bumped down.
    But in saying that, I still see DS and 3DS games at around the same price in shops :( (I would've thought DS games would get a price drop)

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