How The World Of Dishonored Became A 'Place That Could Exist'

Building a place that feels as though it could genuinely exist is a more complicated process than you might think, and it requires more than imagination. It requires commitment, research and an incredible eye for the detail of everyday fictional life. This Dishonored developer diary goes into the details of the game's unique universe, and it's absolutely fascinating.

'Industrial design is fiction..." says Dishonored's visual design director Viktor Antonov "[There's] a very obvious relationship between science fiction and industrial design."

And that really sets the tone for this incredibly interesting diary. When I think about world's with detail, games with intricate universes — those are the games I tend to care most about. The one's that feel as though they could exist.

I really enjoyed the short time I spent with Dishonored, but I get the feeling that I will enjoy it far more when I get the opportunity to truly immerse myself in the game's environment.


    Love the art style of this game.

    I've been really excited for this since the first time I saw it, such a great combination of gameplay ideas and art, if it all comes together like it seems to be doing it's a very strong GOTY candidate methinks.

    This will be an awesome game. Can't wait. Also alot of cool games are coming out in the next few months, starting with Borderlands 2. It's been a bit of an gaming wasteland for the last few months...

    Wow, every element of the visual design is perfect. Games like this don't come along very often. I'm noticing some great soundtrack action there too. This will be a real treat to explore.

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