How To Find Borderlands 2’s Coolest Easter Egg

Warning: some hidden secrets spoiled below. Remember that Minecraft easter egg we told you about yesterday? Yeah, let's talk about that.

I'm talking about the one where you can fight Creepers and unlock a Minecraft skin to put atop your choice character. GameFront has figured out where and how to do just that. Warning: there are some spoilers in the video, so you should proceed with caution.

Borderlands 2 : Easter Egg - Secret Minecraft Area and Minecraft Skins [YouTube via GameFront]


    I didnt know there was a minecraft easter egg because I didnt click on yesterdays link due to spoilers. thanks Tina for spoiling this!!!

      ^^ THIS
      Kotaku US needs to keep all their writers on the same page with shit like this.

      No kidding. NICE WORK.

        Thanks alot guys. I didn't know and now I do know.
        (not sarcasm)

    It's funny, yesterday they went to all the trouble of hiding what the spoiler/easter egg was, which should be commended...

    Today though? It's spoiled via the 3rd word after the disclaimer about spoilers. Amazing work there!

    Personally, I looked what it was yesterday, but I feel sorry for those that didn't, though I won't be watching the video... I'll find it myself thanks!

    I don't have any plans to own or play this game, so this doesn't affect me.

    But Tina you are still a douche.

    lol. Why cover it up yesterday then?

    I don't think it's a spoiler, as not many people would have found this normally, and you wouldn't know to look for it, but still. I can see this upsetting some people. Silly people, but still.

    You know what? I was going to leave it at my previous comment, but this is utter bollocks.

    How unprofessional do you have to be to one day post an article with massive spoiler warnings about something, and then the very next day post an article spoiling that exact surprise before the jump, on the front page, and include a video!

    I know complaining about Kotaku US for being unprofessional is like complaining that water is wet, but this is the last straw for me. I'm sticking to Kotaku AU posts from now on, I don't even want to look at a Kotaku US headline, they will just make me angry at the fact that Kotaku US's writers consider themselves to be professionals and expect people to take them seriously.

      Applause - with both my hands and both my feet.

    Happy Australia Delay, don't mind me, just 2 days behind in something as simple as a company pressing the "go" button

    FFS. Not fucking happy. Guess I'll just be avoiding Kotaku completely until I've finished the game now. What kind of useless article is this anyway

    The more important spoilers are story spoilers, not the fact that there's an easter egg. If there needs to be a guide to find the easter egg, then it's not a spoiler in and of itself. And if you're really afraid of spoilers, you should stop reading as soon as you see the warning, not two sentences later. "Warning: Some hidden secrets spoile-" stop right there.

      Although I would agree that the post's title image is a little much, for those that actually look at them. But I also believe that anyone that doesn't want to spoil a game for themselves would know better than to browse a gaming news site the day between US release and AU release...

        You are right. We should have known better. This has happened on Kotaku before and will happen again. I don't have the right to expect courtesy from a web site. I also do not have the right to expect consistency within a 24hr period. I did try not to read the words after spoiler but was distracted from avoiding them BY THE GIANT MINECRAFT HEAD IN THE GIANT FRIGGIN' PICTURE. I also agree that I should not look at anything on the internet between international release dates of games i desire to play. How absurd of me!!!! Usually I do this (not looking) but stupidly decided to look -even though i have not been on the internet for several years because i was waiting for a PAL release of MOTHER. Silly me.

          That's what I said, but I didn't try to be condescending.
          os42's point isn't wrong - there is responsibility on the reader to not spoil things for themselves as well. His point just doesn't reflect this article well, even though he corrected himself.

          Readers need fair warning. A header image like the one in this article is just bad netiquette. That's a thing right?

        That is a bit narrow-minded. It's not as if the only gaming news for the rest of the week is about Borderlands 2, is it? So I should stay off a gaming 'news site' (as you put it - though this isn't really news) and thus disconnect myself from the world of video games because it is MY responsibility to not spoil things? It's just etiquette, ya know? Good etiquette would mean this would never have a spoiled by an image on the front page of a major website a day before the game is even released.

        It's just a jerky thing to do. If that rule applied to everything, then I wouldnt be able to use the internet when the 6th and 7th Harry Potter books came out. Sure, you put yourself at risk using social media and the like, but a major website where 50% of the reader base (I guess) still doesn't even have access to the game.

        FYI: it doesn't really bother me that it is spoiled - I checked the post yesterday - but it is unfair on the people who don't want it spoiled.

          I tend to agree that it's bad etiquette to have something like that as the title image, but face it - most games sites have precedence for spoilers. And the only way to reliably avoid spoilers is to stay off the net until you play it, plain and simple, because etiquette is occasionally forgotten in the need to be "first" to tell people. I'm not saying it's purely your responsibility, but it is your responsibility not to deny the risk.

          Personally, if there's a big release where I care about the story enough to not want anything spoiled, I do stay off gaming sites until I can play it. I can wait a day or three to get "the latest" on other game-related events, if it means not ruining a major plot point. If that's narrow-minded, then sue me - I like my stories with the surprises, and I don't really care what I have to do to guarantee it. I don't begrudge anyone that doesn't share my views, but I don't think people should deny the reality - news sites want people to read their articles.

        Don't agree, you mention that we as readers should stop reading gaming news sites in the days after a release date?

        But what about other news articles about other games, that I might find interesting?

        The simple resolution for this is for sites to use some "Standard" when addressing things that might be considered a spoiler.

        TITLE - Spoiler : Borderlands 2 something
        IMAGE - Something completely nondescript to the subject, perhaps just "Spoiler"
        CONTENT - Spoiler warning and nothing that will show on the front page to reference the spoiler prior to the jump.
        TAGS - Don't put the spoiler in the tags also.

        Certainly, something like this could be really easy to implement and should be something the authors can follow for a "2 week period" from release date?

          I'm merely saying that gamers should acknowledge the risk exists, and accept it, instead of denying the reality of the situation. This is in no way aimed at the author, but there are people online that take delight in spoiling things for people, hence the risk exists. And I merely suggested my MO for avoiding spoilers, but it's obvious that it's not for everyone.

          I'd love to see someone develop an "inverse tag filter" to show posts without a specific tag (I doubt it'll ever happen), but failing that, content standardisation seems to be the best way to go.

    What the fuck is everyone's problem? The spoiler isn't the fact that there is Minecraft stuff in Borderlands 2. Any feed/aggregator roll with icons on it will show you that. The spoiler is knowing which areas and at which stage of the game you will be accessing to get to it.
    That spoiler part REMAINS INTACT if you don't click the fucking video.

    Jesus christ, people...

      I totally agree Cam, people are raging way too hard for something thats not game breaking - just a funny little easter egg that taken out of context [i havnt played the game yet.. It's on its way :) ] I would have no idea where it is until i actually get there, without posts like this most people probably would of walked straight past that wall and missed it all together.

    Fucking Hell, why did they have to add that stupid minecraft(i fucking hate minecraft) shit to such a great game?

      Because they won't make a special game to suit your needs. Deal with it

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