How Two Men Built A Mod That Lets 1800 People Kill Each Other On The Same Map

The Just Cause 2 multiplayer project is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my 28 years playing video games. Here is a massive sandbox game that shipped without multiplayer of any kind, and which now has some that is redefining the very term "massively multiplayer" with up to 1800 people on the same, single map (that measures in at around 400 square miles).

What's even more impressive than the scale of the project, though, is the manpower behind it. The creators of Just Cause 2 Multiplayer are...two guys from Australia. That's it. Foote, the programmer, and Jaxm, the gameplay designer.

Foote says the project's creation has so far taken around 700 hours, most of that spent reverse-engineering Just Cause 2's engine to see how everything fit together. Now that it's been cracked (for the most part), tens of thousands of gamers have been testing it out over the past few months.

Ready for possibly the craziest part of all? The current ceiling of 1800 concurrent players are all handled on a single server. And that single server shows no signs of giving up any time soon, with the pair "yet to reach any real barrier or limitation preventing us from reaching an even higher player count than the previous public tests."

You can see now, maybe, why when people say it's a project that could reshape the way the industry approaches multiplayer gaming, they're not joking.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer: Behind the scenes with gaming's greatest hack [Red Bull]


    Alright that's two things you guys owe us Aussies for now.

    AC/DC and this mod. :P

      and the hills hoist, the victor lawn mower, the fridge as we know it, etc =P

        Indiana Jones will always be grateful for the fridge...

        and the shire....wait what?

      Aussie also made the first Feature length film ever which was a New Kelly film , So we invented this whole thing how movies go for 90minutes or more.

      So they owes us another one.

    Looks awesome/chaotic.

    Can anyone recommend a good massively multiplayer action/shooter game? Something inbetween MAG and Warcraft? Haha.

    Planetside 2 is in beta atm. Look it up. Its exactly what you are looking for. Thousands of players per server awesomeness.

    That vid was pretty amusing, despite the constant unnecessary swearing, and general annoying qualities of the people.

    planetside 2

    I have to give it a go, dont have much time when they have have the tests tho :(

    This is no longer multiplayer... its now an MMOAG (massively multiplayer online action game)!!!

    Never touched network coding before, but, why has noone ever done this before?
    Wasn't there some mmo that was going to use torrent technology to achieve similar goals? What ever happened to it?

    HAHAHA the jet bit was HILARIOUS

    having played the latest multiplayer test i'd say that just because u can fit 1800 people on a server doesnt make it fun, immense amounts of lag, buggy as hell(i know its early on), cars despawning, random deaths, and taking 1000 bullets to kill anyone lessens the fun.

    To be fair, while the limit of 1800 players could probably be breached without the server giving up the ghost, it's all a bit laggy at the moment. Movement and hit registration need a LOT of work.

    It's fun, but very limited. The novelty wears off in an hour or two.

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