I Could Swear Valve's "Eye Guy" Is Now Etsy's "Crazy Augmented Reality Headgear Guy"

You guys remember Valve's logo with the dude with a valve on his eye, right? If not, he's posted below.

Or, or! Maybe it's more like Deus Ex or Syndicate. The three definitely seem to have the same idea of futuristic fashion.

Sure, sure we've seen some futuristic augmented reality headgear before, but nothing as elaborate and flashy as this one. Granted, this one doesn't actually work. But it does harness the powers of a Nerf gun look. So there's that.

According to the Etsy designer, these specs are perfect for "a club night, party, glamorous evening, photo shoots." Not so sure I'd wear these to a party, but I might use it for Halloween (coming soon!) or something.

G2 flourotec cybernetic head system [Etsy via This Is Why I'm Broke]


    So can this thing check power levels or something?

      There's no way that can be right!!

    Hate to be that guy, but...
    "It's over 9000!!!"

    Nowhere near. Plus that photo is all the way from 1997!

    That eyewear is sold by a UK based 'rave' style brand called Cyberdog (http://shop.cyberdog.net/cybernetic-jewellery/c92)
    Its been around for many years, at the least greater than 3 years ago as thats where i first saw it. Mind you, its not 'cyber' at all, just the equivalent of costume jewellery but it looks arguably awesome if your into that scene.

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