I Hate The Wii U Pro Controller

OK, so Nintendo is releasing a new console (the Wii U) with a new controller (called the Wii U GamePad). I'm actually cool with the GamePad — even though it's quite wide. It opens up new takes on multiplayer, which is a very good (and welcome) thing. What I hate is the Wii U Pro Controller.

You might be saying, "Well, you hate the Wii U Pro Controller because it looks like the Xbox controller." No. Rather, what I don't like about the Wii U Pro Controller is that it's too light. It feels like the first PS3 controller, the SixAxis, which was also too light. There's no heft to it — and the Wii U controller feels as though it's going to float out of your hand.

Worse yet, the game's force feedback seems somewhat weak. Earlier this week, I played the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden using the Pro Controller. I didn't even realise the game had force feedback (I actually went back and double checked — there was feedback). That might be a good thing if you hate the rumble — but bad if you like it. I like the rumble!

The Wii U Controller also feels, well, cheap. There's a nice gloss coating, but in the hand, it's as though you can snap the Wii U Pro Controller in half. I don't think you can snap it (obviously), but it hardly feels like a Nintendo-made, prime controller for the Wii U. The buttons are not clicky, but mushy, and the whole affair feels, well, uninspired. It's not a premium product. They can call it the pro controller, but it feels amateurish to me.

That's fine and dandy — that is, until you realise games like Bayonetta 2 are Wii U-bound.

Editor's Note: While editing Brian's story, we played with the idea that the Wii U Pro Controller could very well be re-named the Wii U :( Controller. Not that we all hate the controller. But, hey, it fits!


    Cannot unsee the sad face in the controller now. Thanks Brian!

      I wonder why they didn't fashion it around the Wavebird? I thought it was a fantastic shape

        Agreed. I have yet to wield a controller that's as comfortable and intuitive. I've never had to stop mid game (usually qte's) and think "where's the x button? The different shapes was a great idea.

    *Awaits for rumble pack add on*

    I think Ashcraft is full of it on this one. "Weak" rumble in the pro controller? That makes no sense. Weak rumble in the normal controller makes perfect sense, you don't want rumble interfering with the touch input, right?

      I'm trying to understand the point you're trying to make. Bashcraft agrees with the fact that weak rumble in the pro controller makes no sense... Why is he full of it?

        Because I think he's incorrect.

          Played with a Classic Controller pro? Mushy buttons and it feels like crap in your hands. This doesn't look like much of a step forward.

            CCP had mushy buttons? Sif. They've got a decent level of click to them, save for perhaps the d-pad which doesn't really need it. Only thing I didn't like was that they removed the GameCube-style analogue/click shoulder buttons in place of digital-only ones. Those were some great buttons, would've been nice to have them used in more games.

    What idiot decided on the placement of the buttons and sticks? if there going to steal from MS just go all the way

      Exactly, there's a really good reason why MS has the stick orientation they have. It allows your hands to be in the most comfortable position where you've actually got a solid grip on the controller as well. This orientation is going to be hell for the right side, you're going to have to perform hand contortions to get to the right shoulder button without losing your grip.

      and microsoft copied gamecube. blah blah blah would you rather an unfamiliar controller?

        The point isn't who-copied-who. The point is ergonomics.

        360 controller looks nothing like the gamecube one. WOW big deal asymmetric analog sticks. If nintendo had the idea first why not just do it for this controller also

        It would be a bigger annoyance. you play some 360 then go to wii u and you would be pressing wrong buttons.

      When will people stop being idiots and realise this is subjective?
      Myself and my mates find the xbox controller the most uncomfortable affair excepting maybe the NES, the asymmetry is bleh and doesn't feel at all natural to us. I'd love some kind of link to actual ergonomic research on what is the ideal setup, of course even then people will have preferences. I'll wait to hold and play with this before passing any judgement, though how high the sticks are placed worries me a little.

    While I don't hate the controller for the reasons Ashcraft does, I hate it because in a way it seems to me like an easy way out for 3rd party developers. Hey... Don't want to incorporate the touchpad into your port, thats cool we have a propriatary controller here for just that reason...

      How is that a bad thing?
      Forcing the touchpad into games that weren't designed around it is a terrible idea.

        Yes, but neglecting it altogether would be horrible for Nintendo as well, since for the most part they've based this whole console around the gamepad. If developers get into a habit where they simply port titles for the Wii U using the pro controller, then for the most part the only people who'd use the gamepad would be shovelware developers and Nintendo themselves

      Though remember that it's a non-standard peripheral, so most developers won't base their design around it entirely when only so many people will even own it.

        I guarantee you two things will happen, big name titles (like CoD) will come with the pro controller bundled, and even if the pro controller isn't used the gamepad will simply work the same as a pro controller except the screen in the middle will be filled with a non interactive or interactive wallpaper...

      I'm more interested in the WiiU because it does have the tradional controller option.

        Me too. This is what I have been waiting for in a Nintendo console since I saw the Wii controls.

    Might need to wait for the inevitable Super Pro Controller Ex + Alpha

      Will there be an xl version

    I too hate video games and video game accessories.

    Well this doesn't fill me with confidence. I too hated the original PS3 controllers for their lightness (among other things...), and weak rumble also sucks. Even wasn't that big a fan of the nunchuk for its lightness, though the Wii remote was ok. But then, I guess the CCPro isn't so bad. Hm.

    Can we use the Wii Classic Controllers in place of the Pro Controller for WiiU games?

    Because I don't mind the Classic Controller Pro so it might be a nice alternative if the Pro Controller is too sucky. That right stick and button placement looks awkward.

      But then you have a Wiimote sitting in your lap tethered to your controller...

      All standard Wii accessories are compatible with the WiiU, from what I remember.

        That's a different kettle of fish though. Yes, a classic controller will be usable with the Wii U. But it won't necessarily be usable in place of a Pro controller. Mainly because it doesn't have the same buttons - the Pro has two clickable buttons under each control stick, as well as I think two analogue triggers. CPPro doesn't have clickable control sticks nor analogue triggers (however the original classic controller does have analogue triggers).

        Some devs may let you use a Classic Controller instead of a Pro Controller, but it probably won't be a universal option.

    Darn I thought the controller would replace the Gamecube controller as my favorite controller too. I'm sure they'll change it, they probably made it sucky on purpose to get people to use the gamepad

      yes you can use the classic controller, all wii controls are compatable with the WiiU

    Can anyone answer: If any wii games that were compatible with the wii "Classic Controller Pro"; will those wii games (played on the wii U) will be compatible with the new wii U Pro Controller?

    I'm not keen on the Wii U (would rather wait for a real next gen system) but when I held it it seemed ok. Though i didn't play any games that utilized the controller.

    Probably the reason the thing feels cheap and flimsy is because it's too light. The old sixaxis has the same problems, it feels like it's going to snap in half because of the lack of weight. The dualshock 3 isn't any different in build quality but the extra heft makes it feel stronger.

    Anyway the reason the rumble feels weak is probably that they only have one motor. Sony and MS use two (and were sued for patent infringement as a result, thus why the rumble-free Sixaxis happened)

      Cube only had one motor though. But then they didn't put rumble in the Wavebird citing battery drain as a reason to avoid it, so I guess there's a chance they put in a weaker motor so there's less battery drain.

      Come to think of it, has it been confirmed whether the Pro uses standard batteries or has an inbuilt pack? I'll be kind of pissed if it only has an inbuilt battery.

        Can't please everyone, I'll be pissed if it only has standard batteries, if I really try to think of the most niggling annoyance of the Wii... that was probably it.

          See, I don't understand how this is a problem at all.

          Standard batteries: Get two pairs of rechargeables, as soon as the remote dies you go pop them in the charger and grab the spare pair, continue as you were.

          Inbuilt: Whenever the power is running low, you have to go find the cable you need to charge it, then you're stuck tethered to whatever outlet that charge comes from. Then once the battery runs out you have to replace the whole controller or something?

          Proprietary battery packs: Don't know how having an expensive specialised battery is better than having a universal battery you can get from anywhere and cheap.

    Good for you....

    I'm sure it's still better than an 3rd party controller.

    Opinion noted. Will wait til I feel one to form my own.

    I know this runs contrary to what we usually find in the comments section.


    Wait a minute!!!! Did you get any ckick backs from Microsoft?
    I dont think being a light controler is a bad thing... May be you like the feel of something heavy between you hand... got my drift!!!
    Buddy there is no point to this argument of yours.... You dont like nintendo fair enough but dont start with this that makes no sence when most people have not yet put their hands on the wii u.... let people be.... just dont get one when it comes out....solved!!!

    It's probably fine.

    I can't see Nintendo releasing a controller that isn't at least comfortable.

    Don't let your beefy macho fake-gamer hands near a NES or SuperNES controller then.

    If he was playing with a DEV Wii U Pro Controller then obviously it's going to be lighter because the controller is tethered to the Wii U system and also would not have the battery which provides that little bit more weight inside it.
    DEV controllers are different to the product version.

    And now for something weighty: Does it have PC compatibility!!?!?!??!?!

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