I Just Bought My First Wii Game In More Than A Year. Then Tragedy Struck

I didn't play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. To a role-playing game player like myself, that seems particularly wrong, but I just didn't feel like digging out all my Wii stuff and going through the motions.

My Wii has been hooked up for years now, even managing to survive the theft of nearly everything electronic in my home, passed up by thieves in their eagerness to strip me of Xboxes, PlayStations and iPhones. They didn't hate the Wii. There were just so many other things to steal.

And I've had too many other things to play, plus two relatively new children (though you couldn't tell from the smell).

So my Wii has sat there, waiting to be replaced, at least until yesterday.

Yesterday I went to GameNoGo and stumbled upon the store's final boxed copy of The Last Story. Lured by the proficiency of Final Fantasy's Hironobu Sakaguchi and tempted by Jason Schreier's glowing recommendation, I decided it was finally time to dust off the old Wii. The Last Story would be the fitting final chapter in my Wii's life.

I was actually excited to sit down in front of the television, Wii remote in hand. I felt that novel tingle as that little white hand navigated the menu. I was feeling it.

I took it out and cleaned it. Not reading. I turned the system upside-down, on its side, on its other side — I tried jiggling it as it tried to read. No dice. I pulled another Wii game off the shelf, slipped it in — no dice.

I can only imagine how lonely that drive felt when it died.

So now I have to wait until November to play The Last Story on the Wii U. There's no way I am purchasing a new Wii at this point; not with the new console just a few months away. I tucked the game back in its case, slipped it onto the shelf and sighed.


    Get a Wii from Cas Converters or similar. They're dirt cheap there. ( that's also the reason your Wii wasn't stolen)

    Just play it on your computer! The graphics will look better anyway.

    First world problems hey?.... Seriously... Who cares... Why write about this?

      First world issues draw first world complaints. Unless your ass is off feeding the fucking starving masses in Ethiopia, I'm sure we could trawl your facebook account or whatnot and find plenty of your own FWP. Surely the most inane, overused comment to come to life in the last year or so, FWP means absolutely nothing. I live in a First World Country therefore I only HAVE first world issues. I intend NEVER to live in a third world country by choice, so therefore, why would I have third world country issues?

      Seriously dude...

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          No not at all, just sick and tired of hipster douchebags whining about 'first world issues' :P

          C'mon. Even as a joke you should know better then to type "go kill yourself". That is not something I expected to see on Kotaku.

          No, like most people, we're sick of douches sprouting "first world problems lols".

          We're in the first world. This is a gaming site. Do you honestly fucking expect a story about how the journalist is starving or is forced to drink from a dirty water source.


          First world problems lameness, and then you tell him to kill himself.

          Well, you're scum.

          Wow Rb, what an idiot you seem. You are the type of person that bring the internet down a whole other notch. You sir should just bugger off to 4chan. I'm sure you will fit right in. They are also a bunch of idiots.

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

              Just like herpes...

                Unfortunately we have only discovered a treatment for herpes so far.

                  Still no cure though. Maybe that would be a more interesting write up than someones wii not working. I'm sure almost anything would be more interesting

      First world problems on a first world blog. What's new?

      Guess what else is First World Problems? Complaining about the people writing about First World Problems. Seriously, no one cares about that kind of thing. Why even write your comment?

    "There’s no way I am purchasing a new Wii at this point"

    Considering a used Wii can be had easily at EB games for $68, I'd say there is no questioning a quick replacement.

      Thats 68 he can put towards a Wii U that can sit on a shelf and never be played though!!!

    "I bought a wii game but my wii doesn't work anymore"

    If I posted this as a message on a forum, most people would think "Who cares" or even get annoyed for having their time wasted on such an inane comment.

      I'm more annoyed at the lost time spent reading this useless comment.

    My Wii has begun making an awful buzzing noise whenever it's reading disks. It's not loud enough to be heard over the volume of whatever game I'm playing, but it sure doesn't sound healthy. I'm praying it'll hold out until November...

    Had a smiliar problem my wii couldnt read dual layer discs, got wii lens cleaner and it worked fine

    Softmod your Wii, download a Last Story ISO (you have already bought the game, so no harm done) - and play.

    Stop being a pussy and play the damn game!

      This is a valid solution. Also, you could ask a friend if you could borrow their Wii.

    Cool story Mike

    I'm guessing you have tried another game to see if that works? It could be a dodgy copy of the The Last Story?

    oh crap......

    I just ordered metroid prime online....but I havnt even dug out my wii to see if it works 0_0

    My Wii died earlier this year and I have decided that I can justify buying a WiiU if I refrain from buying a replacement Wii.

    Mine is just sending black video, anyone come across this?

    Hoping that Last Story and Skyward Sword get HD upgrades for the WiiU!!!

    Get Dolphin emulator for PC - you can play The Last Story in full 1080p glory and legitimately play your purchased Wii game

    You just saved yourself from the far worse disappointment of Last Story. There is a horrible moment about 10 hours in when you realise 'oh god...this entire game is just going to be set inside these three awful locations isn't it'.

    I had my home burgled and everything bar the Wii stolen, there seems to be a theme running here...

    How the hell did you become a writer for kotaku? Your articles are crap.

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