I Played These Games Last Week. What About You?

So, unless you were at PAX, or stuck at work, what did everybody play over the weekend?

Me, my time was split between the following:

TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON - Finished up the singleplayer on this last week. Thought it was a lot better than the first game, much tighter pacing. It sags in the middle, but the beginning (METROPLEX!) and end (FIGHTING!) are everything a Transformes fan could want and then some.

WALKING DEAD EPISODE 3 - In 28 years of playing video games, I have never cried. Until I played this. Those who have played it will know exactly which scene I'm talking about. Those who haven't should probably rectify that. I've had some unkind things to say about Telltale's work in the past, but their work on this is some of the most accomplished video game story-telling I've ever seen. Powerful stuff.

SLEEPING DOGS - Like most of Kotaku, I'm playing and loving this. Finding the side-missions are getting a little repetitive now I'm a few hours in, but the combat, voice-acting and virtual tourism is still a blast.

DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL - Didn't like it. I'm in awe of the fact the majority of the game is the work of one man, but the art style and voice acting just put me off.

What about you? Digging a new game, or revisiting a classic?


    WD ep3. Loved it was more character oriented, more centered around developing them than shock pieces (it still had a few bits), best ep so far imho. And yeah, I had tears in my eyes :( I couldn't believe it...

    Sleeping Dogs. Stunning game.

    I must play more Fall of Cybertron. That is an awesome game - hooray for Metroplex!

    I think the judgement on Elysian tail is a bit harsh. I agree with the character design being off and the voice acting being at disney levels but the gameplay is outstanding. Even if you get the strong impression that the developer and his wife are furries.

      I really hate the cutsey sidekick voice for Fidget, and I get it, she IS a cutesy sidekick, but I found it offputting. I haven't played that far in so I don't know, maybe it's designed for a younger audience? We kinda forget that some games actually ARE for kids.

      I liked Dust better when it was called Muramasa and had beautiful feudal japan style art rather than childish, creepy furry stuff.

    If we get this article every week then it has the potential to make me feel bad for not following through on my "What are you playing this weekend" predictions.

    But this week I said I was going to start Dark Souls, and I did! Still finding it all a bit overwhelming, and really difficult to convince myself to go exploring, but still quite a lot of fun so far.

    I'm late to the mass effect 3 so I finished this weekend without DLC. Haven't had such. Great and then terrible title with a game.

    Also loving a little iOS game called Eufloria. Made with love it would seem. Not by EA.

    I finished off the Sleeping Dogs story mode, now I'm going around wrapping up everything else for achievements. I've done every favour, drug bust, job and race that appears on the map, so I'm crusing around looking for collectibles and random events. I also need to get some gold awards for 100% completion and get to level 10 in Triad XP, so I should replay missions... only thing is, I can't figure out how to do that. Every time I finished a mission it said mission replay unlocked, but I have no idea how to access it.

    I would like to have been playing Walking Dead but my monitor died last week - when it mysteriously started working again, I booted it up to find I have a corrupted boot sector. Since I never got a Windows disc with my PC, I can't try a recovery, so I guess I need to take it somewhere to get fixed, which costs money I don't have. GARGH. I hate being without a worknig PC.

      To replay missions you have to find the leaderboards section in the main menu I believe. There you should e able to compare stats with friends and replay.

      I'll check when I get home but lemme know if you got it.

    I actually enjoyed the middle part of Fall of Cybertron, the Cliffjumper/Jazz chapters and the Combaticons chapters were awesome.

      I'm pretty sure you go into stats, tab over to the missions and you can select to replay them from there.

        Uh, that was supposed to be to MatthewK, obviously.

          Cheers, I'll mess around with it when I get a chance. I obviously didn't look very hard, as I assumed it would be in a more prominent position and only dithered around for a few seconds before shutting down the xbox after a play session.

        Haha if I'd only read 2 comments lower I wouldn't have made an ass of myself!

    Guild Wars 2.

    Finished AC2 and about halfway through Dead Space 1.

    A bit of Max Payne 3 and Sleeping Dogs

    Loved TF: FoC going to redo the story again shortly ^ ^
    Picked up Recettear this week, cute game, the last payment is a bitch though lol
    Only bad thing about DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL is that it's only on xbox atm >

    Guild Wars 2. So much Guild Wars 2. Nothing but Guild Wars 2.

    WoW...And more WoW!! Then some League!! Then some more WoW

    I played mainly Guild Wars 2 and i also attempted to start Dark Souls on PC but found it has the worst port in history. I have no clue what im meant to do when the game is telling me to hit A or B showing the xbox buttons when my A is h and my B is y its really confusing will need to spend a day to just reconfigure and memorise all the key buttons so i can understand how to do combos.

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