I Want This Fantastic ED-E Sculpture To Follow Me Around For Real

ED-E and I were inseparable when I first played Fallout: New Vegas. Well, except for all those times that the demands of the plot separated us. But no matter: his perks, cheerfully sarcastic beeping, and killer laser were great company on an endless trek through the Mojave Wasteland.

This real-life ED-E, sent to Geekologie by their reader Will Brown, would look perfect hovering along behind my shoulder. He'd be perfect for zapping people that cut in line, or letting me know if there were enemies in the road ahead. Alas, despite the beautiful workmanship, the ability to fly is not included.

Scroll down for a few more photos showcasing the making-of process, as well as a couple of close-ups.

Geekologie Reader Makes ED-E Replica From New Vegas [Geekologie]


    ED-E and Boone were my go-to team for FNV. This is a pretty amazing model!

    Absolutely fantastic. I would buy one of these things.

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