I Want To Play With This Hilarious Set Of Hungry Hungry Koopas

Just look at that mouth. Those teeth. That shell. Adorable. This close-up is part of a Hungry Hungry Koopas set created by artist Donald Kennedy, who plans to sell it at El Paso Comic Con .

If they don't do well there, Kennedy plans to put them up on his website. Lots more pictures below:

[Kody Koala via TinyCartridge]


    Not bad! Though I was half expecting Dedede, Ganon and Ridley to be with Bowser.

    Yeah, that's not gonna break...

      You'd be fun to hand around with!

    Balls should be red and green.

      Balls should look like Mario Pinball Land characters.

    I want this. No logic. No reasons. I just want it.

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