If You Put Your Wii U GamePad In A Blender, Yes, Nintendo Will Sell You A Replacement

On one hand, this seems like a painfully obvious thing: Broken hardware typically can be replaced under warranty or through the manufacturer for a fee, and the Nintendo GamePad is hardware. On the other hand, it's a controller, and Nintendo is deliberately not selling GamePads on their own in North America. So that raises the question of what happens if yours breaks?

Gimme Gimme Games got the answer from a Nintendo of America representative: "Individual replacement Wii U GamePad controllers will be available from Nintendo Consumer Service for a fee," they were told, but there was no word on how much a replacement will cost.

What about the warranty? Well, NOA has "no specific announcements" to make regarding warranty coverage for the GamePad, said the rep, but he noted that Nintendo warranties don't cover physical damage. Fair enough.

Extra GamePads will be sold in Japan for the equivalent of about $US172. So if in North America, a GamePad costs $US150, and if its replacement fee is lower than that, you probably can expect to be asked to ship back the old one, even if you broke it. Otherwise, what's to stop people from claiming they broke their old controller, buying up an extra one at discount and saving it for grey market resale once two-GamePad support arrives here, believed to be sometime after March.

I can't wait to see the Will It Blend Guy disintegrate a GamePad and ship them back the dust. "Wii U GamePad Dust! Don't breathe this ..."

Broken Wii U Game Pad replacements will be available ‘for a fee' says Nintendo [Gimme Gimme Games.]


    I wonder how they'll identify dust? Maybe I could send them a couple of blended Wii motes and get a game pad? Or has dust id tech been created without me knowing?

      They'd run it through a mass spectrometer to test for traces of Nintendium

    Don't you just hate when that happens...

    The real question is. does it cover rage induced destroyed motes?

    This has disaster written all over it. This is just Pink Batts and School Halls on steroids!

    So that's 300-350 Australian for an extra controller? No wonder Nintendo don"t want on shelf giving prospective buyers reason to pause.

      Um where did you get that price from? How did US$150 equal $350 Australian?
      "Extra GamePads will be sold in Japan for the equivalent of about $US172. So if in North America, a GamePad costs $US150, and if its replacement fee is lower than that"

      should be around AUD$200 but thats still pretty steep i guess thats why they arent selling it at launch, maybe down the track when the costs go down and they can sell it for about AUD$120 then they can start adopting 2 Gamepads in game. In any case be extra careful with your gamepad should you buy a Wii U.

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