If You're Going To Dress Up Like A Black Mesa Employee, This Is How You Do It

Seen at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend: this Black Mesa cosplayer, complete with lab coat and (hilarious) recruitment manuals.

Enjoy them:


    A+ (And very entertaining)

      Sorry, but I disagree on the A+.

      A high mark sure, but "We wish to tell you about exciting career opportunities at Black Mesa, while warning you about the risks of working for our competitors, Black Mesa"
      Black Mesa are their own competitors?

      That'd knock it down to an A- from me, I'm afraid.

        If only they had remembered to type Aperture!

        I assumed it was meant to mean they did not have any competitors.

    some close ups of the other bits of paper would be nice. but still awesome.

    That's just fantastic!!!! The fact he kinda resembles Mr Freeman is a bonus too :D

      That's 'Doctor.'

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