In Earth Defense Force 4, The Bugs Are Back, And This Time They're Hungry...

The bugs are back. D3 Publisher has released new details and images for Earth Force 4, the sequel to Earth Defense Force 3 (Better known in the west as Earth Defense Force 2017). Unlike Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon which is being treated as a spin-off, EDF4 will be the official sequel to EDF3.

Story: After the initial events of EDF 2017, the remaining Ravagers have been wiped out. Humanity has begun rebuilding their world. Ironically, it is the technology obtained from the Ravagers that is proving to be a boon in this rebuilding process.

On June 28, 2025, eight years after initial contact, disaster strikes. Surviving Ravagers have burrowed deep into the earth where they have been waiting… And multiplying… Now the EDF must stand up again, aided with new technology, to battle th— ah, who cares. It's marines versus space bugs. Screw the plot!

As for added features, EDF4 will include online play (the exact number of possible simultaneous players has not been announced), as well as new weapons and enemies. D3 has also hinted that enemies will actually eat people this time around, although details on that feature have yet to be announced.

In the meantime, famed Japanese B movie director, Minoru Kawasaki will be releasing his live-action EDF commercial on September 26, one day before the release of Earth Defense Force 3: Portable for the PS Vita.

Earth Defense Force 4 is scheduled for release in Japan in 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

絶望、再来……『地球防衛軍4』 [ファミ通.com]


    Just hope they come to the west, soon, with corny voice acting again :3

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

    Hopefully, despite being a spinoff, Insect Armageddon won't be the series' only foray onto PC - and hopefully they bring a few things back from each game to tighten the gameplay up a bit more (ie. separating deployables from firearms = good; grinding 30 hours to access the better weapon tiers = bad)

    Damn yes! EDF 2017 was just a game I just kept coming back to for no damn good reason!

    Great to see the bugs back!

    Hopefully they completely ignore the american version, no moving enemy spawners that can only be hit for 5 seconds every minute with 1million HP please, not sure if im gonna wait for english or not =.=

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