In This Gundam Game, You Destroy Toys

Who doesn't love giant robots battling each other? The Gundam series has over 30 years worth of fandom history to its name. Now, with their latest announced Gundam game, Namco Bandai's taking a rather unique approach to Gundam fandom.

Based on the concept of "breakage" and battle damage, the developers at Namco Bandai have created an action game where the robots are all based on Gunpla, plastic Gundam models. In Japan, Gundam models are generally released in 1/144, 1/100, and some 1/60 scale sizes. In Gundam Breaker players will be able to use different scale Gunpla to battle on dioramas and miniature sets, which leads to an interesting promo image with multiple 1/144 scale models fighting against a giant 1/60 scale model.

All units will have break points where arms, legs, heads or torsos can pop off like with actual plastic models. Images of broken limbs show connector ball joints and units running around with missing arms and heads. It's something of a novel idea, though it does seem like the target audience is going to be rather limited... Hopefully they'll include some of the fan made custom models too.

Gundam Breaker does not have a release date yet.


    This isn't all that new a concept, they've been doing it a while with the AGE stuff and gunpla builders. Sadly, like most Gundam games, we are unlikely to get it here anyway. :(

      Which is a shame.
      After watching Gunpla builders, all I've wanted is a game similar to the one the protagonists play.

      After all, one can only play so much Dynasty Warriors Gundam...

    "Sadly, like most Gundam games, we are unlikely to get it here anyway. :("

    That's not such a bad thing, as Gundam games are phenomenally terrible.

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