Is PAX Australia Headed To Brisbane?

PAX Australia has been announced, and everyone has lost their minds in anticipation — but where is the event going to be held? One current rumour has it in Brisbane...

Why? Well, it looks as though Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub, the Penny-Arcade affiliated creators of Blamimation with Kris and Scott have already booked themselves in to present an event in Brisbane round about the time you would expect PAX to be headed to Australia.

The event is Video Games Unplugged: Symphony of Legends, and it's currently scheduled for November 23, 2013. Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub have been booked in to host the show.

We spoken to Penny Arcade's man on the ground Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, to ask if there was any truth to the rumour.

"All I can confirm at this point is that PAX Aus will absolutely definitely 100% be located in Australia," he said.

Good one Yug.

At this stage we have no real, concrete confirmation of exactly when and where the event will be held. For all we know Scott and Kris could just be jumping on a flight up to Brissy to present that specific event — we just don't know for sure. But PAX Australia has recently set up a Twitter and Facebook account, and will most likely announce any news from there. Unless we break it first!

But while we're talking PAX Australia — where do you think would be the best place for it?


    Sydney would be the best place, on account of that's where I am and I would like it to be easy for me to go to there.

      Listen to this guy, his arguments are water tight (and eerily similar to mine)!

      This is the only legimite argument out there.

        *legitimate even

          I had legimite toast for breakfast.

      What? NO.

      MELBOURNE. Or else.

        I completely agree, lets host PAX in the REAL capital of Australia, Melbourne for PAX!

          No way Melbourne already gets to many Geeky events.

      I thoroughly agree with your point.


        Its better then sydney. :)

      As someone who lives in Brisbane, your argument is wrong because of reasons and your face is stupid.

    Doesn't mean anything, the flights from the US to Australia far outstrip any local travel they would need to do once here.

    It will almost certainly be in Melbourne or Sydney, I'm hoping for the prior.

    Doesn't matter really.
    If it's not in Melbourne I'll just fly there :)

    if its not in Sydney then i wont go

    If PAX is in November, doesn't that mean most of the games on show will be out?

    That's the problem with had with all the other Expos in Australia.

      If PAX is in November 2013 that'll be just when it's projected that we're probably going to get one or more new consoles and there will be an enormous media circus surrounding that.

      On the other hand, Brisbane in November would be pretty hot & humid, especially assuming the convention is reasonably popular.

    We were feeding Yug drinks last night trying to get him to cough up the location. No dice.
    That man can drink.

    Don't care where it is in Australia, I'm there!

    They did mention in the strip their desire to visit a Mana Bar, which would seem to indicate Melbourne or Brisbane...

    I would love to attend a PAX but don't relish the idea of being in Queensland in November. Thousands of people in a cramped convention center during a humid Brisbane summer may not be such a great idea either.

    I would much rather a safe, overcast Melbourne event.

      Yeah, we don't have air-con up here. We splash each other with Pineapple Juice and roll in XXXX to keep us cool :P

    Canberra. It's the nations capital!

      Also Canberra.. likely to be the only place with the R18+ classification. So we can check out all da good games!!!

      The thing about capital cities in English-speaking countries is that they're all fucking awful.

      Jeez, that sounds horrible! Just the thought of that makes me feel disgusting haha!

    Ok, looked at from a different perspective, Kris and Scott were in Melbourne earlier this year to host the same event and raved about Melbourne. Plus we have a Mana Bar here in Melbourne too, so Yug has just as much investment here.

    If you ask me, there is just as much reason, if not more, for PAX to be in Melbourne than Brisbane. I'm sure Scott and Kris can fly between the 2 events. GO TEAM MELBOURNE!

    Brisbane would definitely be the best place possible. All other arguments are hereby declared invalid on account of shut your face my wallet can't support the flights and accommodation. So I win.

      I agree, that and too lazy to head to another city for a weekend :P

    I live in Sydney, so I vote Melbourne. Sydney and Brissie are far too hot in November...

    it needs to be in Perth.

    Imagine Sydney, that traffic, the crazy public transport system that's almost always under maintenance on weekends, ugh.

    And then there's Melbourne, imagine thousands of gamers unused to Melbourne's crazy weather getting sick, another ugh.

      Yeah imagine thousands of gamers going to Perth. Where they would be exposed to things like Extreme sunlight and heat.

      Melbournes weather in November is pretty much awesome. Hence why we have Spring Carnival.

      Personally I hope it's Melbourne or Brisbane. Melbourne because it's local. Brisbane because at least I could swing that as a proper holiday.

    Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney, as the south has a far higher population, and won't be as digustingly hot and sticky. Furthermore, it would be far more accessible to New Zealanders. Melbourne and Sydney have "more" around them, but Canberra has a number of fantastic locations (e.g. EPIC, a huge exhibition park with multiple enormous halls), and is the easiest for most people to get to (on account of being between Melbourne and Sydney). Staying in any of the cities would be an issue (as always), but as long as PAX isn't held at the same time as a political yapping session (read: parliament), Canberra should be much cheaper, and more widely available.

      ... Brisbane is is closer to Auckland than Melbourne is. Canbera is extremely hard for most of the nation to get to as there are not exactly large amounts of flights from Perth or Adelaide there, let alone from NZ.

    Guys, can we focus for a second on the fact that Symphony of Legends is coming to Brisbane!

    How cool is that!


        I know right? After years in the wilderness, Brisbane's finally getting a video games concert!

    Just off the territorial waters on a large barge!

    If Ben Crowshaw has anything to do with this, then count me out.

    And then BAM....... they hold it in Auckland

      Or Tony Abbots' forehead.


    1) We all know the show is a perfect fit for the sleepy NSW village of Queanbeyan. Brisbane is of use to nobody. Not even the wonderful people of Brisbane.

    2) November? What's the point!

      If your going to go QBN why not just make it at Bungendore so i can get drunk and walk home...

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