It Looks Like People In Poland Are Playing Resident Evil 6 Very, Very Early

It's August 31, not October 2, but somehow, some way, gamers in Poland have gotten their hands on some retail copies of Resident Evil 6 — or are extremely awesome at PhotoShop.

A writer on the Polish gaming site NeoGeo reports that they were able to purchase copies of the October-scheduled game now.

Google translate sorta clarifies this from NeoGeo: "How did the game in stores? Seller did not want to reveal his secret." Cue speculation of 1) stolen goods, 2) early shipments that had embargo dates the seller was ignoring, 3) elaborate software piracy, or 4) possession of a time machine.

Who says Europe always gets the good games last, huh?

More images of a retail RE6 in action at the link below. For the record, all we've got at Kotaku is a preview disc that has two chapters apiece of the game's three main campaigns on a disc that doesn't run in a retail 360. Curious detail: those chapters, which feel polished, are all in a file that was dated back to June. Also, they're pretty good.

I've asked Capcom for comment.

Resident Evil 6 już gnije na półkach sklepowych (i to polskich) [NeoGeo, via NeoGAF (no relation!)]


    Hmm import? Lol

    Oh no!!! Someone call John Titor! Cern must gave gotten their hands on the Phone Microwave Time Machine! :o

    Def a time machine. Atleast we know (seems the disc are even pressed) that they didn't get to release fate and go "oh crap we are not finished". They normally only 'start' pressing masters 4to6 weeks in advance.

    Will only be real if video appears on youtube.

      I think the real test is if it shows up on torrent sites

    Great...Now the Polish get to see how bad the game is before the rest of the world..

    "Who says Europe always gets the good games last, huh?"

    You wha? This story is about Resident Evil 6. Are the flip-flipping enthusiast press not shitting on it this week?

    It's got the German USK rating on it, which means it's censored anyway. Someone probably just opened the box of RE copies early or stole one off the production line.

    There's a live feed out there... Defiantly real, so find it if you dare lol

    I would say def stolen. I doubt any stores would have had stock delivered this early.

    Isnt it odd that the printing on the disc has the "6" as the same as the font type instead of using the "giraffe" style logo??

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