It Might Sound Silly, But This Is Steam's Best New Feature In A Long Time

You might think the most important new feature in Steam's "Big Picture" mode is, well, its big picture. But for many hardcore PC gamers, who don't use the service on a TV screen, the real good stuff can be found with the tweak of a command line.

Users in the Big Picture beta have found that, with a few minor amendments, Steam games can be easily installed on any drive in a computer, not just the default. For owners of more than one hard drive - and as SSDs catch on, it's an increasing number - that's a god-send, as trying to move Steam games around previous was a massive pain in the arse.

While not every game will support this, many do. Hopefully it's something that, once perfected in the beta, can be rolled out to the Steam community at large real soon.

Full instructions on how to enable the feature can be found below.

Steam finally adds choice of installation drive [PC Gamer]


    Not all games though. Only "steam" games, or ones with NCF files.

    All you need is this little program to move your steam games around. Really Really simple to use.

      Or you could simply move it out of the steam apps folder and launch the executable and steam will auto add it to the library.

        No no, that would be far too easy.

    If you're desperate, one of the best things about STEAM is that you could always just go to where STEAM is installed, right click the STEAM folder, cut, paste in another location or hard drive.

      Except that just moves your entire library. This is being able to fragment your library across multiple hard drives.

    It's retarded that you can't put your games on any drive you like.

    Isn't this only for those that use the new content system (ACF)? And you don't need to do a tweak?

    Haven't tried it in BigPic mode, but you can access it via normal mode- but I think the game has to be uninstalled before you can change its location.
    Once you click on "Install Game", you get to choose which drive to install the game.

    Just use Hardlinkshell:

    Move the files from common folder or even gcf files then link them with the shell extension. Easy.

    I'm not worried about putting steam on another drive, for me that's as easy as re-installing steam on said drive and then copy-pasting the contents. I'm more interested in putting my individual games on my drives in the folder structure as if I installed them from CD instead of

    I have an SSD as a system drive, and a 1TB HDD for games. I installed Steam on the 1TB, because it didn't need to be on the SSD. Problem solved?

      Its good for people who have a bit of free space on their boot drive ssd and want a game or two on it, of for people who are adding ssd's. i get it.

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