It’s Hard To Be Excited About The Secret World’s Next Update Now

It’s Hard To Be Excited About The Secret World’s Next Update Now

Hey look, it’s a video for the changes coming in The Secret World‘s Issue #2: Digging Deeper update. Plastic surgery, bazookas and an extension of “the Kingsmouth Code” investigation mission — these are things I would have been thrilled about two days ago. Now that lead designer Martin Bruusgaard has been let go, not so much.

I’d been eagerly anticipating Funcom’s paranormal MMO for years when I first got a chance to play alongside Bruusgaard during a press preview event. His obvious enthusiasm and strong passion for the game drove my anticipation to greater heights. I am a big fan of passion in game developers — if I can tell they’re really into what they’re making, then I tend to get more into what they’re making.

And now? Well I guess he’s not making it anymore. Neither are a whole bunch of folks. That’s unfortunate, because I really enjoyed the game Martin and friends put together.


  • Funcom is unlikely to have put this together in the two days after he was let go. So I’m sure this update will still have his stamp on it.

  • Mike, shouldn’t you be excited about this expansion, seeing as this would undoubtedly be the last pack that Martin worked on?

  • I really really enjoyed The Secret World, it was a game done by funcom that finally was really great on launch rather then 5 months of patches later.
    It’s a shame that I just can get the money together to constantly pay the sub fee. Anyhow it’ll be free2play in a year or so and thats when I shall strike.

  • Chin up petal, afterall it’s only a game. Anyhoo I’ll be back when this game is F2P by the end of the year, or early next year.

  • I don’t think it’s hard at all. The Secret World is a fantastic game and deserves far more support than it’s obivously getting.

    • I agree, i however made the mistake of joining a dying server.
      So getting local groups to do dungeons while leveling is painful.

      • You do realize that you can find anyone on any server and all do a dungeon run, yes ? So there technically is no dying server, just not enough people to do the run at the same time as you, but the update is meant to have a group finder to help with that DNR

        • Yeah im not sure why i said dungeon there,… i just meant finding a group of people to do the content as you come into egypt, the savage coast starts to get fairly painful solo’ing as a pistol/shotty build.

          Even trying to redo many quests to get myself some blood or blade skills for survivability its very lonely in the lower zones.

  • If it has multiple servers it is not an mmo. Its just another online game like counter strike. Everyone must be on one server and in the same world before its an mmo. Only seen one game that does this.

    • The first ‘M’ in MMO means “Massive”, as in, a few hundred or thousand players more than the 32 player limit that most multiplayer games support on a server. When Counter Strike can support tens of thousands of players at once on a server, then I’ll admit that games like The Sercet World aren’t MMOs.

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